Saturday, 16 April 2016

April 2016 // Days 99 - 105

Apr 8th. Day 99.
Have you ever seen a cuter dogs toy box?! This is just his tiny one for in the front room, he has a big wicker basket with lots more toys in in the extension. Certain people (his Daddy) thinks he has too many toys, but I say he can never have enough. :)

Apr 9th. Day 100.
After hunting and hunting for someone to come see The Jungle Book with me on opening weekend, I gave up and decided to go myself. Many people keep saying 'I go to the cinema myself all the time! You'll be fine!' but my nearest cinema is over 60 miles away in either direction and I rarely even go to the local post office alone which is 10mins away... It's going to be a test and adventure for me and I'm quite excited and proud that I'm doing it.

Apr 10th. Day 101.
A beautiful seagull just soaring across the sun drenched sky!

Apr 11th. Day 102.
Back to work today after my week off and in quite a 180 turn from yesterday's weather, today well and truly blessed us with some April showers. In the afternoon, Mam and I walked to town to pick up my train tickets and have a peek in the charity shops for any Disney bargains!

Apr 12th. Day 103.
...and here is one of said bargains! A pretty cool book that my Mam spotted and I got for a mere £2.50 compared to it's original $45 price tag. What's more is when I got home and was flicking through, a couple sketches fell out, doodled on hotel telephone paper. I thought that was pretty cool and gives me a conection with the orginal owner.

Apr 13th. Day 104.
Day 3 in a row of rain. I went to bed around 9 and woke at 11 to remember I hadn't taken a photo! haha. So I jumped out of bed and got the shoddiest shot ever just so I didn't have a blank space.

Apr 14th. Day 105.
Today was another day in the house, although we were actually given some sunshine. I ended up getting photos taken for my upcoming 'Disney Media Collection' post which will be up on my blog in a couple weeks. I didn't want this project to include so many dvd photos and such but when I did nothing else it had to be done.


  1. Well done on making the trip to see The Jungle Book on your own! That's really great and I hope you enjoy the experience and the film. If I'd have lived closer I would happily have come with you, as I will likely have to go it alone too! That Disney book looks really interesting - charity shop finds are great! I can't believe how wet it has been this week! x x

  2. O I really want to see The Jungle Book! I heard it's quite good!
    Going to the cinema alone is something I want to do as well as going to the beach and such alone. But I never got the chance until now! Someday I will!

    Jade x

  3. Oooh, I like the look of your Disney collection AND that book- looks so cool!!!! I am so out of the world I didn't even know Jungle Book was out!!x

  4. I'm so behind on my blog reading this week, so I'll just apologise now for the many comments I will be sending your way!

    Sounds like you've had plenty of April showers, today we had snow! That's crazy, so I am staying inside today that's for sure.

    Go you on the bargain hunting too!


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