Saturday, 9 April 2016

April 2016 // Days 92 - 98

Apr 1st. Day 92.
I did have a photo of my chocolate for breakfast, seeing as this was the first day I could have it after my 32 day Dechox, but this one beat it. Can't pass up a chance to show off a pretty coloured sky! It doesn't even look real. I felt like I was in Wonderland!

Apr 2nd. Day 93.
The return of my Goose friend. I should really name him... I think I've mentioned before, but for anyone unaware we think this guy may think that he is a Swan. He is never with any other Canada Geese and is always follow (who I assume to be) the same two swans around. Obviously I'm no expert so I have no clue but could it be possible that he was orphaned and tagged along with the Swans when he was young? I dunno. I love him anyway - always brightens my day when he is in the river.

Apr 3rd. Day 94.
Choosing a favorite Disney movie is pretty much impossible for me and I'll no doubt say something different each time, how ever two of my all time favorite live action Disney productions will always be So Dear to my Heart and Pollyanna. I watched Pollyanna with Baker today and he enjoyed it too <3 

Apr 4th. Day 95.
Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog. 'What are you up to today?' My answer will, 99% of the time, be either housework, playing with Baker or blogging. Got the schedule sorted right through until the end of June and posts completed until the begining of May :)
I do it because I have the ideas and time to be able to and not being organized stresses me out.

Apr 5th. Day 96. 
Could a day ever be bad if it starts with a Disney Movie Reward on your door mat?!

Apr 6th. Day 97.
Just another pretty sunset from my bedroom window. I'm forever entranced by the sky. So pretty!

Apr 7th. Day 98.
I've been off work this week so have been being productive and sorting through the cupboards. Bin, donate, sell. This morning as I was taking photos of things to sell and Pigeon friend stopped by to watch me. Sadly as soon as I turned the camera on him he got shy and flew away :(


  1. Gorgeous photos as always! That candy coloured sky is too pretty.

    Lauren x

  2. Entranced is the perfect way to describe how I feel about the sky too. Unfortunately I'm not up earlier enough to see the sunrises now, I am enjoying the sunsets though, lovely photos :)

    Ami x

  3. Oh I've never seen So Dear to My Heart but I love Pollyanna - such a heart-warming film. It's right up there with Anne of Green Gables for me. Love the shot of the pigeon and the geese and swans - so sweet he's tagged along with them, and that sky is gorgeous, and of course a day never starts badly with a new Disney film :D - Tasha

  4. Oh that's a gorgeous sky! What a cute little geese friend, I like your story of his life too :)

  5. That sky is gorgeous! It doesn't look real! I also love the shot of the bird in flight! x x


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