Saturday, 30 April 2016

April 2016 // Days 113 - 119

Apr 22nd. Day 113.
We (by we I mean Baker and I), walked up to check on my parent's house again today. It was another beautiful day which was wonderful as it's Earth day - it was like Mother Nature was celebrating! With that, I thought it best to take advantage of having a garden for Baker to play in. We threw his ball and I ate all two of these ice creams haha.

Apr 23rd. Day 114.
I posted this on my Facebook today so will just re-post it here to explain the above photo.
'Doing some deep cleaning today and came across this hiding in my Wedgewood Peter Rabbit mug.

It's an organza bag filled with multi coloured glitter that my friend Sarah used to sprinkle everyone with at my 'Fairy' party for my 17th birthday.
Sarah passed away just a couple years after that and when she did we randomly found this in the house. 
I've kept it ever since and it's come through every house move with me.
She was a special lady and I miss her very much.'

Apr 24th. Day 115.
Little man is scared of his shadow, so when he was out for a wee and was sniffing at something but cowering away it could have been anything. But when I looked closer it appeared Baker found a little Blackbird egg! Obviously, it was already broken and empty which is good but I don't think there will have been a baby come from it at all which is a little sad. They are such gorgeous little eggs though aren't they?!

Apr 25th. Day 116.
I had a big deep clean this week and when I do so I switch around the 'ornaments' and bits and bobs I have on show. Seeing as it's Spring I popped my little feather collection back out onto the window sill.

Apr 26th. Day 117.
The rumors are true! The North did indeed become a winter wonderland at the end of April. We do live beyond the wall after all... 

Apr 27th. Day 118.
Proud as punch with his new favourite toy that his Granny & Granda brought back from Lanzarote for him! 

Apr 28th. Day 119.
Another quick Disney-ish DIY today. It'll be up on my blog in a month or two. Yes, I'm that far ahead with blog posts.


  1. It's sweet that you bring the glitter with you wherever you move to. It's a really cute bag too by the way. The weather is all over the place here in Ireland too. One minute it's summer, then you blink and it's winter!

  2. Ugh snoooow! I'm still longing to personally see and touch snow! Man you are lucky!
    Also the glitter... I love how you have it with you and the memories behind it. I feel like it's something very special to you and that maybe the glitter, how it shines & its colors maybe says something about your friend? I love the sentimental thought behind it.
    Jade x

    ps Baker is looking handsome once again! <3

  3. I don't know how you get so ahead with your blog posts! I'm lucky if I'm a day ahead usually...Look at Baker with his new toy! He looks so happy :) x x

  4. Snow, be crazy! I can't believe it's actually sitting there on the ground... in April.

  5. Oh Baker, that's a super new toy, you are a lucky boy :) In other news, I'm so pleased it's not just me that has a feather collection! xox


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