Saturday, 23 April 2016

April 2016 // Days 106 - 112

Apr 15th. Day 106.
At the moment I type this, it's 9.31pm on Friday 22nd and I should have been in bed over 30mins ago. I've been searching through all of my memory cards for my photo of this day for around an hour after having completed the rest of the post already. It turns out that this was the only photo I took on the 15th and that means this week unintentionally has 4 photos of Baker, when the previous 2 weeks had 0! I'll try not to do that again next week... But look how cute my guy is with his Snake. He put it around his neck like that himself too!

Apr 16th. Day 107.
After a long day away by myself in Edinburgh, I returned home to my two boys and a beautiful, sunny, evening walk home along the river. We actually live on the exact opposite side of the river from here so if they could build a 4th bridge for us that'd be fab!

Apr 17th. Day 108.
Baker never, ever lets me forget our nightly routine. A wee, a hug and a sweetie before bed! haha. He gets it in his bed usually but it's dark over there and I needed light for the photo :P

Apr 18th. Day 109.
This months day in photos was today, though despite that I didn't have too many good ones to choose a daily photo from. So this is the big boat that Baker enjoyed watching getting loaded in the docks!

Apr 19th. Day 110.
I don't care if you think they're weeds, I think they are wild flowers and they are the most beautiful kind.

Apr 20th. Day 111.
Sharing a midday snack with my love! Raw carrots all around <3
(The one in my hand is mine and Baker had his own in his bed...we didn't share the same carrot just to clarify!)

Apr 21st. Day 112.
Our internet goes off daily...for like, hours at a time! Usually, Baker and I will watch a DVD and/or get housework done, but today I'd been working on a new blog layout (my main blog) and decided to use my time wisely and whip out the pencils and paper! Heres a couple of the drawings that turned out better than the others...


  1. Baker is such a cutie! I'd have many more Choppy photos if he sat still long enough for me to get them! I love the shot of Baker and Jake! Such a nice place for a walk too.

    Oh I love the drawings! I didn't know you could draw, I most definitely can't... They are really cute!

  2. I love the drawings! You're so talented. 4 photos of Baker is just fine by me - the little cutie! :) x x


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