Saturday, 30 April 2016

April 2016 // Days 113 - 119

Apr 22nd. Day 113.
We (by we I mean Baker and I), walked up to check on my parent's house again today. It was another beautiful day which was wonderful as it's Earth day - it was like Mother Nature was celebrating! With that, I thought it best to take advantage of having a garden for Baker to play in. We threw his ball and I ate all two of these ice creams haha.

Apr 23rd. Day 114.
I posted this on my Facebook today so will just re-post it here to explain the above photo.
'Doing some deep cleaning today and came across this hiding in my Wedgewood Peter Rabbit mug.

It's an organza bag filled with multi coloured glitter that my friend Sarah used to sprinkle everyone with at my 'Fairy' party for my 17th birthday.
Sarah passed away just a couple years after that and when she did we randomly found this in the house. 
I've kept it ever since and it's come through every house move with me.
She was a special lady and I miss her very much.'

Apr 24th. Day 115.
Little man is scared of his shadow, so when he was out for a wee and was sniffing at something but cowering away it could have been anything. But when I looked closer it appeared Baker found a little Blackbird egg! Obviously, it was already broken and empty which is good but I don't think there will have been a baby come from it at all which is a little sad. They are such gorgeous little eggs though aren't they?!

Apr 25th. Day 116.
I had a big deep clean this week and when I do so I switch around the 'ornaments' and bits and bobs I have on show. Seeing as it's Spring I popped my little feather collection back out onto the window sill.

Apr 26th. Day 117.
The rumors are true! The North did indeed become a winter wonderland at the end of April. We do live beyond the wall after all... 

Apr 27th. Day 118.
Proud as punch with his new favourite toy that his Granny & Granda brought back from Lanzarote for him! 

Apr 28th. Day 119.
Another quick Disney-ish DIY today. It'll be up on my blog in a month or two. Yes, I'm that far ahead with blog posts.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

April 2016 // Days 106 - 112

Apr 15th. Day 106.
At the moment I type this, it's 9.31pm on Friday 22nd and I should have been in bed over 30mins ago. I've been searching through all of my memory cards for my photo of this day for around an hour after having completed the rest of the post already. It turns out that this was the only photo I took on the 15th and that means this week unintentionally has 4 photos of Baker, when the previous 2 weeks had 0! I'll try not to do that again next week... But look how cute my guy is with his Snake. He put it around his neck like that himself too!

Apr 16th. Day 107.
After a long day away by myself in Edinburgh, I returned home to my two boys and a beautiful, sunny, evening walk home along the river. We actually live on the exact opposite side of the river from here so if they could build a 4th bridge for us that'd be fab!

Apr 17th. Day 108.
Baker never, ever lets me forget our nightly routine. A wee, a hug and a sweetie before bed! haha. He gets it in his bed usually but it's dark over there and I needed light for the photo :P

Apr 18th. Day 109.
This months day in photos was today, though despite that I didn't have too many good ones to choose a daily photo from. So this is the big boat that Baker enjoyed watching getting loaded in the docks!

Apr 19th. Day 110.
I don't care if you think they're weeds, I think they are wild flowers and they are the most beautiful kind.

Apr 20th. Day 111.
Sharing a midday snack with my love! Raw carrots all around <3
(The one in my hand is mine and Baker had his own in his bed...we didn't share the same carrot just to clarify!)

Apr 21st. Day 112.
Our internet goes off daily...for like, hours at a time! Usually, Baker and I will watch a DVD and/or get housework done, but today I'd been working on a new blog layout (my main blog) and decided to use my time wisely and whip out the pencils and paper! Heres a couple of the drawings that turned out better than the others...

Saturday, 16 April 2016

April 2016 // Days 99 - 105

Apr 8th. Day 99.
Have you ever seen a cuter dogs toy box?! This is just his tiny one for in the front room, he has a big wicker basket with lots more toys in in the extension. Certain people (his Daddy) thinks he has too many toys, but I say he can never have enough. :)

Apr 9th. Day 100.
After hunting and hunting for someone to come see The Jungle Book with me on opening weekend, I gave up and decided to go myself. Many people keep saying 'I go to the cinema myself all the time! You'll be fine!' but my nearest cinema is over 60 miles away in either direction and I rarely even go to the local post office alone which is 10mins away... It's going to be a test and adventure for me and I'm quite excited and proud that I'm doing it.

Apr 10th. Day 101.
A beautiful seagull just soaring across the sun drenched sky!

Apr 11th. Day 102.
Back to work today after my week off and in quite a 180 turn from yesterday's weather, today well and truly blessed us with some April showers. In the afternoon, Mam and I walked to town to pick up my train tickets and have a peek in the charity shops for any Disney bargains!

Apr 12th. Day 103.
...and here is one of said bargains! A pretty cool book that my Mam spotted and I got for a mere £2.50 compared to it's original $45 price tag. What's more is when I got home and was flicking through, a couple sketches fell out, doodled on hotel telephone paper. I thought that was pretty cool and gives me a conection with the orginal owner.

Apr 13th. Day 104.
Day 3 in a row of rain. I went to bed around 9 and woke at 11 to remember I hadn't taken a photo! haha. So I jumped out of bed and got the shoddiest shot ever just so I didn't have a blank space.

Apr 14th. Day 105.
Today was another day in the house, although we were actually given some sunshine. I ended up getting photos taken for my upcoming 'Disney Media Collection' post which will be up on my blog in a couple weeks. I didn't want this project to include so many dvd photos and such but when I did nothing else it had to be done.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

April 2016 // Days 92 - 98

Apr 1st. Day 92.
I did have a photo of my chocolate for breakfast, seeing as this was the first day I could have it after my 32 day Dechox, but this one beat it. Can't pass up a chance to show off a pretty coloured sky! It doesn't even look real. I felt like I was in Wonderland!

Apr 2nd. Day 93.
The return of my Goose friend. I should really name him... I think I've mentioned before, but for anyone unaware we think this guy may think that he is a Swan. He is never with any other Canada Geese and is always follow (who I assume to be) the same two swans around. Obviously I'm no expert so I have no clue but could it be possible that he was orphaned and tagged along with the Swans when he was young? I dunno. I love him anyway - always brightens my day when he is in the river.

Apr 3rd. Day 94.
Choosing a favorite Disney movie is pretty much impossible for me and I'll no doubt say something different each time, how ever two of my all time favorite live action Disney productions will always be So Dear to my Heart and Pollyanna. I watched Pollyanna with Baker today and he enjoyed it too <3 

Apr 4th. Day 95.
Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog. 'What are you up to today?' My answer will, 99% of the time, be either housework, playing with Baker or blogging. Got the schedule sorted right through until the end of June and posts completed until the begining of May :)
I do it because I have the ideas and time to be able to and not being organized stresses me out.

Apr 5th. Day 96. 
Could a day ever be bad if it starts with a Disney Movie Reward on your door mat?!

Apr 6th. Day 97.
Just another pretty sunset from my bedroom window. I'm forever entranced by the sky. So pretty!

Apr 7th. Day 98.
I've been off work this week so have been being productive and sorting through the cupboards. Bin, donate, sell. This morning as I was taking photos of things to sell and Pigeon friend stopped by to watch me. Sadly as soon as I turned the camera on him he got shy and flew away :(

Saturday, 2 April 2016

March 2016 // Days 85 - 91

Mar 25th. Day 85.
Good Friday, was a good Friday indeed! With everyone (except me) off work, Mam and Dad came round so Baker could open his gifts. I had a busy morning as I also made these yummy Easter biscuits  for the boyo and then Mam and I sorted a 'picky' lunch for us all. 

Mar 26th. Day 86.
April showers arrived was only fair after the sun we've had!

Mar 27th. Day 87.
Happy Easter!
A quiet, normal day was had in our household. Lots of doggy playtime and photo taking for blog posts.

Mar 28th. Day 88.
I dunno how I feel about it still being this light now, when I'm off to bed at night. It's a pretty sky though thats for sure. 

Mar 29th. Day 89.
The sun as back and you can bet my sunshine is sunbathing! If anyone knows how to make the stupid wires in my house look less ugly without having to buy those cord wrappy things, let me know...because argh.

Mar 30th. Day 90.
I know this is technically the 3rd photo of little man this week but oh well, I guess it's been a slow week haha. I went to bed a tiny bit earlier tonight to try and force myself to read my book and as you can see by the reflection on my was still super light outside! :/

Mar 31st. Day 91.
Hidden Mickey pans!! Curry for tea tonight and I just see Mickey everywhere. (Also, please don't look too closely at my hob, yes, it was due a clean haha).