Saturday, 26 March 2016

March 2016 // Days 78 - 84

Mar 18th. Day 78.
Just look at these love birds! Well Woodpigeons, but you know what I mean. For a change, I took my camera to work this morning in the hopes that my Fulmar friend would show his face for the 3rd day in a row after months of him being away. Unfortunately, it's just typical that when you have your camera, of course, you won't see anything. If you have never seen a Fulmar in person you may mistake it for a normal Common Gull, but look closer - they are beautiful! I dunno why this guy keeps coming so close to town as they would usually be out at sea or on cliff faces, but I love to see him.

Mar 19th. Day 79.
My two friends this morning, straight out of a Disney movie, while I was waiting for the train. The Bunny and the Pigeon...coming soon!

Mar 20th. Day 80.
The official 'First Day of Spring'! Mother Nature was celebrating too apparently as it was super dooper sunny and we made the most of it by a long walk with Baker. It's so fun to see all the georgous new life around.

Mar 21st. Day 81.
Wait, what? Sun two days in a row?! Yep! Makes for extra productive days and 3 loads of washing on the line though :)

Mar 22nd. Day 82.
You guessed it - day 3 of glorious sun and a certain guy let me know that I had to move my rocking chair as he needed to lay there to sunbathe! 

Mar 23rd. Day 83.
DIYing coupled with the 24th day in a row with no chocolate meant a gingerbread Easter bunny break. There are two points I need to make about these biscuits - 1, See the little crack in the blue bunny? Because of that they were marked down in price. It's funny but even when things aren't reduced, I always grab the flawed creature (no matter what it is, biscuit, a room decoration or toy) because I feel sad for it getting left behind as I know most people won't choose them. 
And 2, Though I am well aware they are inatimate objects, I always feel bad eating anything shaped like an animal. What do I eat first? It's head or it's feet?!

Mar 24th. Day 84.
Here's the DIY I mentioned! A chalk board countdown for DLP :) I took lots of photos and wrote up a post on 'How to' do it too so look out for it on my other blog on the 8th of April!


  1. I love the chalkboard DIY you made, that's amazing! And the shot of the bunny and the pigeon is just too cute - they are exactly straight out of a Disney film! Lovely photos, looks like spring has truly arrived. - Tasha

  2. Lovely photos :)

    I especially like the one of the wood pigeons. I love pigeons, I think they are lovely birds that don't get enough love haha there's two huge wood pigeons that visit my garden every day and just sit around on the fence for a few hours. I've been meaning to get a photo of them!

    I also love the photo of the purple flower. I reminds me of my uni campus, as the same flowers would grow all over the woods. Seeing all the flowers popping up makes me excited for the next few months of Spring. It's my favourite time of year to get outside with my camera :)

  3. That's a lot of sun! We're having quite a bit here too, in between torrential rain and hailstorms haha. I love the chalkboard DLP count down, I don't think I could make anything DIY look good... I'm so not-artistic.

  4. I love the chalkboard! And weren't you lucky with all that sun?! :) x x

  5. Clever chalkboard idea :) Those pigeons are adorable too! :) xox


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