Saturday, 19 March 2016

March 2016 // Days 71 - 77

Mar 11th. Day 71.
Just an average, boring, everyday sky. ;)
Not too bad of a morning for my Dads birthday <3

Mar 12th. Day 72.
Spent some more time going through things, organizing and rearranging. I haven't really had anywhere to put these photos so decided just to give them a temporary home at least. I'm looking forward to getting a better set of photos with Mickey this year too as with the issues with my hair I really think I look terrible. Isn't it a stunning frame though?!

Mar 13th. Day 73.
I've been working on watching as many movies as possible lately. While I'm blogging, while I'm cleaning and just whenever. Today these absolutely awesome Dis-flicks were on the cards! A lot of this handful faced criticism before they even came out but I think they are all excellent in their own ways. Tomorrowland is the most underrated of the bunch and it's message needs to be heard by way more people.

Mar 14th. Day 74.
My boyo LOVES his fluffy Mickey blanket. We got it from the Disney store for part of his Xmas but I didn't want him to use it until I got a new sofa. Now I do, this is a regular occurance most days. Sunbathing little man with his favorite blanket :)

Mar 15th. Day 75.
I've been reading Labrynth by Kate Moss for at least 10 months and am not even half way through, I've really struggled to get into it despite loving the sound and idea of it. So I whipped this guy out and started it tonight to build up my love of reading again.

Mar 16th. Day 76.
When you can't have chocolate you'll do anything for a sweet tasting fix! Banana milkshake in one of my favorite (pain in the bottom because they don't go in the dishwasher) glasses.

Mar 17th. Day 77.
I decided to print out the full list of all Disney movie releases to A) keep track of what I have and haven't seen, and B) for when I'm out and see DVDs I may want to buy to add to my collection, I can refer to the list and see what I already have as opposed to phoning whoever is at home to check haha.
Sadly, it seems I have a longer way to go that I first thought but I hope to have at least watched everything by the end of the year even if it will take me many years to own all the ones I want :P


  1. What a gorgeous sky to wake up to! I hope you Dad had a good birthday as well. I've not seen Tommorrowland yet but the trailer looked great. I find that a lot of films that are really harshly criticised by everyone else I end up loving! The shot of Baker on his blanket is adorable too. - Tasha

  2. Oh wow! What a list, but a genius way to keep track!

  3. Brilliant way to keep track of what DVDs you already have! I could do with doing the same for books, but that would take me a while. Haha. I found Labyrinth really hard going too. But I did eventually finish it and then buy the next two books in the series! Haha. x x

  4. I've seen 2 of those 4 films but hadn't even heard of Tomorrowland so will try and find a trailer. Baker loves his blanket doesn't he? Stella has a Tigger one for the car! xox


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