Saturday, 12 March 2016

March 2016 // Days 64 - 70

Mar 4th. Day 64.
I received the absolute sweetest little postcard in the post today. I still find it hard to get my head around people saying nice things to me, let alone taking the time out of their day to write a little letter and post it off to me. Far too kind and not at all deserved by me!

Mar 5th. Day 65.
Getting ready for my sofa arriving on Monday, today we set up the other TV with a new little cabinet. While clearing up I found this one tiny piece of styrofoam in the shape of a hidden Mickey!! Woody was as surprised as I was haha.

Mar 6th. Day 66.
Happy Mothers day to my Mam!
I'm not being nasty by not wishing it to my Nana and Grandma either because there is actually a day for them from me as opposed to today which is obviously from their children, my parents. National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, annually - 11th of September, this year.

Mar 7th. Day 67.
What a fab day today was. I finally caught up with Claire after her trip to DLP and got to see all her photos up on my TV screen. As my sofa was due to be delivered she came with me to keep Baker out of the way and despite it being chilly we enjoyed a came of fetch. Upon arriving home and getting excited about the new sofa (and bubble wrap - check out this video on my FB page) we had a game of Disneyland Adventures on the Xbox! I am still feeling it in my shoulders haha.

Mar 8th. Day 68.
And I couldn't not include a photo of said sofa. I put up the Easter decs today too :)

Mar 9th. Day 69.
Guess what? It got to bedtime and I didn't have a photo, so hello vitamins lol. I don't take these all at the same time by the way. I'm taking the back ones at the mo, and picked the others when I spotted them in town the other day. I've never seen chewy vits for adults before so this is super exciting seeing as I can't swallow anything!

Mar 10th. Day 70.
Another day in the house and besides a lot of housework, we worked on finishing off a blog post. You may have seen the videos of Baker doing a couple tricks on my YouTube too, they'll be up with these photos in a post on my main blog on Monday!


  1. Awww, the little styrofoam hidden Mickey is the cutest! I love Woody's expression in the background too, perfect timing! That shot of Baker by the river is gorgeous too, I can't wait for the warmer days and lighter evenings. - Tasha

  2. Haha I love your cushion! SO true, I have two dogs... And two sofas, the humans end up sitting on the floor ha! Lovely blog :) Immy x

  3. What, no, you totally deserve all the nice things to be said. Talking to you during the day is always a highlight for me :)

    I love the new sofa! I'm sure Baker loves it to haha!

  4. I've been buying my boyfriend chewable vits for years as he can't swallow tablets! Boots do a pretty range of chewable vits for adults. Their own brand aren't too expensive either! The new sofa looks gorgeous too! :) x x


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