Saturday, 5 March 2016

February/March 2016 // Days 57 - 63

 Feb 26th. Day 57.
We've had a little problem recently. A nasty neighbourhood cat has been lurking by our garden and pouncing at the birds on my bird feeder!! Baker often sits on the window sill and watches outside and when he started getting super angry at apparently nothing, I went to look and saw the cat.
I thought it would put the birds off coming back, but thankfully today there were lots of visitors. <3

Feb 27th. Day 58.
The view from my old bedroom at my parents house. I see no ships!
Is it just me or can you tell from this photo that the Earth is round?! :O

Feb 28th. Day 59.
 My last bite of chocolate until April. Yep, though most friends and family are super skeptical to my success I am determind and want to do this Dechox. What with having something, anything, chocolatey pretty much everyday of my life it is gonna be hard but I can do it. If you'd like to suppport me in my efforts while rasining money for the British Heart Foundation you can sponsor me here :)

Feb 29th. Day 60.
Look at my cute new wildlife living room addition!! I bet you can't guess where it was from or how much it was. 

Mar 1st. Day 61.
This is how I usually have to blog, edit photos etc. Baker pins my arm down with one paw and licks my hand until he falls asleep.

Mar 2nd. Day 62.
A sad day today. Good family friends of ours said goodbye to a loved one and we went to show our support. I thought that it was a lovely service and the fact the sun graced us with it's presence was a sweet touch.
Later we went to walk Baker and meet Dad from work, where we passed the first snow drops that I've seen this year.

Mar 3rd. Day 63.
Can you believe it?! Dang it. I managed 62 days before my first fail of the year. If I manage to not miss another day this year, it's still technically a full Project 365 due to the leap year ;)


  1. Aw Baker is a proper sweetie. Love the snowdrops too.I think the leap year is a good reason.Carry on! :)

  2. What a view! That's gorgeous!

    This week has been a total fail for photos! I'm working from home all week on a report and we stayed in over the weekend with the rain, so the photos have been so very boring. I feel like I've run out of steam with this project, because the photo are just not the quality that I want them to be. I need to try harder!

    I'm loving your weekly photos!

  3. That view from your parents, stunning! Good luck with the dechox. I'd love to sponsor you but I don't get paid till 18th. Would it be ok to do it then? :) x x


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