Saturday, 26 March 2016

March 2016 // Days 78 - 84

Mar 18th. Day 78.
Just look at these love birds! Well Woodpigeons, but you know what I mean. For a change, I took my camera to work this morning in the hopes that my Fulmar friend would show his face for the 3rd day in a row after months of him being away. Unfortunately, it's just typical that when you have your camera, of course, you won't see anything. If you have never seen a Fulmar in person you may mistake it for a normal Common Gull, but look closer - they are beautiful! I dunno why this guy keeps coming so close to town as they would usually be out at sea or on cliff faces, but I love to see him.

Mar 19th. Day 79.
My two friends this morning, straight out of a Disney movie, while I was waiting for the train. The Bunny and the Pigeon...coming soon!

Mar 20th. Day 80.
The official 'First Day of Spring'! Mother Nature was celebrating too apparently as it was super dooper sunny and we made the most of it by a long walk with Baker. It's so fun to see all the georgous new life around.

Mar 21st. Day 81.
Wait, what? Sun two days in a row?! Yep! Makes for extra productive days and 3 loads of washing on the line though :)

Mar 22nd. Day 82.
You guessed it - day 3 of glorious sun and a certain guy let me know that I had to move my rocking chair as he needed to lay there to sunbathe! 

Mar 23rd. Day 83.
DIYing coupled with the 24th day in a row with no chocolate meant a gingerbread Easter bunny break. There are two points I need to make about these biscuits - 1, See the little crack in the blue bunny? Because of that they were marked down in price. It's funny but even when things aren't reduced, I always grab the flawed creature (no matter what it is, biscuit, a room decoration or toy) because I feel sad for it getting left behind as I know most people won't choose them. 
And 2, Though I am well aware they are inatimate objects, I always feel bad eating anything shaped like an animal. What do I eat first? It's head or it's feet?!

Mar 24th. Day 84.
Here's the DIY I mentioned! A chalk board countdown for DLP :) I took lots of photos and wrote up a post on 'How to' do it too so look out for it on my other blog on the 8th of April!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

March 2016 // Days 71 - 77

Mar 11th. Day 71.
Just an average, boring, everyday sky. ;)
Not too bad of a morning for my Dads birthday <3

Mar 12th. Day 72.
Spent some more time going through things, organizing and rearranging. I haven't really had anywhere to put these photos so decided just to give them a temporary home at least. I'm looking forward to getting a better set of photos with Mickey this year too as with the issues with my hair I really think I look terrible. Isn't it a stunning frame though?!

Mar 13th. Day 73.
I've been working on watching as many movies as possible lately. While I'm blogging, while I'm cleaning and just whenever. Today these absolutely awesome Dis-flicks were on the cards! A lot of this handful faced criticism before they even came out but I think they are all excellent in their own ways. Tomorrowland is the most underrated of the bunch and it's message needs to be heard by way more people.

Mar 14th. Day 74.
My boyo LOVES his fluffy Mickey blanket. We got it from the Disney store for part of his Xmas but I didn't want him to use it until I got a new sofa. Now I do, this is a regular occurance most days. Sunbathing little man with his favorite blanket :)

Mar 15th. Day 75.
I've been reading Labrynth by Kate Moss for at least 10 months and am not even half way through, I've really struggled to get into it despite loving the sound and idea of it. So I whipped this guy out and started it tonight to build up my love of reading again.

Mar 16th. Day 76.
When you can't have chocolate you'll do anything for a sweet tasting fix! Banana milkshake in one of my favorite (pain in the bottom because they don't go in the dishwasher) glasses.

Mar 17th. Day 77.
I decided to print out the full list of all Disney movie releases to A) keep track of what I have and haven't seen, and B) for when I'm out and see DVDs I may want to buy to add to my collection, I can refer to the list and see what I already have as opposed to phoning whoever is at home to check haha.
Sadly, it seems I have a longer way to go that I first thought but I hope to have at least watched everything by the end of the year even if it will take me many years to own all the ones I want :P

Saturday, 12 March 2016

March 2016 // Days 64 - 70

Mar 4th. Day 64.
I received the absolute sweetest little postcard in the post today. I still find it hard to get my head around people saying nice things to me, let alone taking the time out of their day to write a little letter and post it off to me. Far too kind and not at all deserved by me!

Mar 5th. Day 65.
Getting ready for my sofa arriving on Monday, today we set up the other TV with a new little cabinet. While clearing up I found this one tiny piece of styrofoam in the shape of a hidden Mickey!! Woody was as surprised as I was haha.

Mar 6th. Day 66.
Happy Mothers day to my Mam!
I'm not being nasty by not wishing it to my Nana and Grandma either because there is actually a day for them from me as opposed to today which is obviously from their children, my parents. National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, annually - 11th of September, this year.

Mar 7th. Day 67.
What a fab day today was. I finally caught up with Claire after her trip to DLP and got to see all her photos up on my TV screen. As my sofa was due to be delivered she came with me to keep Baker out of the way and despite it being chilly we enjoyed a came of fetch. Upon arriving home and getting excited about the new sofa (and bubble wrap - check out this video on my FB page) we had a game of Disneyland Adventures on the Xbox! I am still feeling it in my shoulders haha.

Mar 8th. Day 68.
And I couldn't not include a photo of said sofa. I put up the Easter decs today too :)

Mar 9th. Day 69.
Guess what? It got to bedtime and I didn't have a photo, so hello vitamins lol. I don't take these all at the same time by the way. I'm taking the back ones at the mo, and picked the others when I spotted them in town the other day. I've never seen chewy vits for adults before so this is super exciting seeing as I can't swallow anything!

Mar 10th. Day 70.
Another day in the house and besides a lot of housework, we worked on finishing off a blog post. You may have seen the videos of Baker doing a couple tricks on my YouTube too, they'll be up with these photos in a post on my main blog on Monday!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

February/March 2016 // Days 57 - 63

 Feb 26th. Day 57.
We've had a little problem recently. A nasty neighbourhood cat has been lurking by our garden and pouncing at the birds on my bird feeder!! Baker often sits on the window sill and watches outside and when he started getting super angry at apparently nothing, I went to look and saw the cat.
I thought it would put the birds off coming back, but thankfully today there were lots of visitors. <3

Feb 27th. Day 58.
The view from my old bedroom at my parents house. I see no ships!
Is it just me or can you tell from this photo that the Earth is round?! :O

Feb 28th. Day 59.
 My last bite of chocolate until April. Yep, though most friends and family are super skeptical to my success I am determind and want to do this Dechox. What with having something, anything, chocolatey pretty much everyday of my life it is gonna be hard but I can do it. If you'd like to suppport me in my efforts while rasining money for the British Heart Foundation you can sponsor me here :)

Feb 29th. Day 60.
Look at my cute new wildlife living room addition!! I bet you can't guess where it was from or how much it was. 

Mar 1st. Day 61.
This is how I usually have to blog, edit photos etc. Baker pins my arm down with one paw and licks my hand until he falls asleep.

Mar 2nd. Day 62.
A sad day today. Good family friends of ours said goodbye to a loved one and we went to show our support. I thought that it was a lovely service and the fact the sun graced us with it's presence was a sweet touch.
Later we went to walk Baker and meet Dad from work, where we passed the first snow drops that I've seen this year.

Mar 3rd. Day 63.
Can you believe it?! Dang it. I managed 62 days before my first fail of the year. If I manage to not miss another day this year, it's still technically a full Project 365 due to the leap year ;)