Saturday, 6 February 2016

January/February 2016 // Days 29 - 35

Jan 29th. Day 29.
Off to the station to see Dad off. He was only off to Newcastle to visit the family for a couple nights but we still miss him a lot - especially Baker haha. We have a tiny station in my town, only two platforms, but what makes me sad is that they knocked down what would have been an amazing treasured landmark to build it. Surely they could have put the station a few hundred meters the other way?!

Jan 30th. Day 30.
It snowed. Not for long and not much but the most we've had in a few year's I'd say. Baker used to love it when he was a pup but now that he's so soft and used to his home comforts the little play we had in the garden wasn't the most fun he's ever had. Instead he sat with his Granny and watched it from the window.

Jan 31st. Day 31.
Today Baker and I took part in our 3rd RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch! We always have fun watching and photographing the birds but today it was for a good reason. Sadly, we didn't see as many birds as last year...nor last week to be honest. This beautiful boy did come to taste our wares though which was nice of him.

Feb 1st. Day 32.
Rain, sun, rainbows, grey skies, blue skies. Poor Mother Nature doesn't know what she wants.
Today was a house day. House work, with help from Mam and blog work!

Feb 2nd. Day 33.
Today was the day that the nacreous clouds wowed us. However I was on my way home from work and didn't have my camera...can you imagine how gutted I am to be one of the only people in the town (or so it feels!) to have not been able to capture them? Pretty darn gutted. However this bag contained a box of my Mam's tray bake which comforted my slightly.

Feb 3rd. Day 34.
After an early morning post office run with Mam I was treated to a beautiful glow from the rising sun, while I actually had my camera. It was no 'rainbow' clouds, but it was pretty none the less!

Feb 4th. Day 35.
Claire and I met up for the first time in ages for a catch up this morning. Breakfast and then a walk past my favorite friends before heading to mine for Hercules and a good 5 hour chat haha!
What with all the stormy weather there are lots of logs/trees/branches washing down to the mouth of the river and on my way to work the other morning I spotted all the ducks sat together on this log. As it was under the water at high tide it made it look like the ducks were just practising some scronised swimming! haha This female hopping on while we were there today reminded me of that.


  1. I missed the nacreous clouds too Danielle! Love the shot of Baker in the snow, I do wish we'd had some more, it was lovely! Always enjoy seeing the ducks too, so cute. - Tasha

  2. Aw Baker does look sad in the snow! Great picture of the Robin, we bought all the bird food but then I wasn't in on the Sunday to count them, at least they were well fed anyway :)

    Ami x

  3. Did you take the castle down to put up the train station?! That's terrible, surely it could have moved a little to the side. It's a nice little train station though :)

    I love all these photos - Baker be so cute, and that little Robin too! And Mallards are my favourite! I think this is my favourite week :)

  4. Oh that robin photo is just amazing :) And Baker looks about as impressed with snow on his face as Stella does! xox


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