Saturday, 27 February 2016

February 2016 // Days 50 - 56

Feb 19th. Day 50.
Another lovely day with Laura was had. With me being on holiday this time, I didn't have to sneak off out to work while she was in bed and instead we could both wake up, get ready and watch some movies before heading over to town. I'd spotted that the canvases (one of which I bought quite a while back) were on sale and so grabbed this Cinderella one to put up in the spare room, now that we've switched rooms over.

Feb 20th. Day 51.
I realized that, this year, I was yet to include a photo from the back room (which is now our bedroom, since the switch) toward the Royal Border bridge in this project. Last year I took many photos of this view with all the different skies. I quite like that there wasn't much of a colourful sunset and it was all shades of blue. I find it quite magestic. 

Feb 21st. Day 52.
It's almost March, meaning my Dechox is close to starting! I have to get in all the chocolate I can, especially the super cute Easter stuff - like this Milkybar trio Mam got me for after Sunday dinner at their house.

Feb 22nd. Day 53.
Today, after starting on January 1st, I watched the last movie of my Disney Classics collection. I have watched 1 a day, for 53 days as I wanted to see them consecutivly to appreciate the progression in animation over the years. It's crazy to think that they range from 1937 from 2014; I must admit I prefer the earlier days. I'm going to do a post talking all about my Disney dvd collection eventually but for now here is a photo of just my classics to celebrate my little daily movie challenge.
[edit - it's realllly annoying me that I've just noticed this isn't my full collecting. 1 is missing as it was in my bag upstairs from having had watched it at my parents. Dang it.]

Feb 23rd. Day 54.
Look!! Blue skies!! And mild enough with a breeze to hang washing outside. Unless you are a housewife you probably won't understand my excitement at this ;)
Nothing better than a Disney line too!

Feb 24th. Day 55.
Baker and I took a walk along the river today. It was brimming with birds, probably to do with the beautiful ball of fire in the sky! We saw this curlew, mute swan, goldeneye, mallard, redshank, sand piper, collard dove, pigeon, wood pigeon, black headed gull, herring gull, black bird, jackdaw, sparrow and chaffinch! Isn't that amazing?!
We had a lot of fun playing together until little man got a huge thorn in his paw. He was a big lad and although he grumbled, he let me get it out. Then we went home for cuddles! <3

Feb 25th. Day 56.
This photo pretty much sums up my day! After completing my classics dvds, we started on the Pixar ones; so today was Toy Story 2 which Baker watched while playing with his Rex toy. Other than that I got lots of blog work done, watched lots of Sabrina and Dad ordered me a sofa :)


  1. I always love seeing your project photos - it spurs me on with mine! Love the shoe of the blue skies and your washing line, Spring is on it's way! - Tasha

  2. I am completely unable to blog and watch TV at the same time. I can barely blog and listen to music haha, unless it's editing photos, then I like to listen to my audiobook. My brain just can't have too many things distracting it!

    You need to teach me your bird identifying skills!

  3. I definitely feel your excitement at being able to get the washing out on the line! I felt it too...Good luck with your dechox. I know I couldn't do it. I just love chocolate too much, haha! Although my body would probably thank me for it...Gorgeous from your back bedroom too! I definitely love how blue the sky looks. x x


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