Saturday, 20 February 2016

February 2016 // Days 43 - 49

Feb 12th. Day 43.
It was a crazy fire sky sunrise this morning. Bird silouettes are one of my favorite things ever to photograph I think...

Feb 13th. Day 44. 
My little World <3

Feb 14th. Day 45.
Off up to the parents to catch up with them, after they'd had a couple days away, and it started snowing on our walk! Baker isn't the biggest fan while it's falling and had a good bark at it haha. When we arrived at my parents I thought that the clash of seasons above was funny and pretty symbolic of our recent sporadic weather.

Feb 15th. Day 46.
It's been a while since a Cafe Nero trip.

Feb 16th. Day 47.
Today the other half turned 28, but as usual he spent the day on the Xbox. So I got to have my first ever face to face chat with this lovely friend of mine. I struggle in social situations and am one of those people who can't talk on the phone unless it's to my imediate family, so it was really weird that I turned into such a chatterbox. I hope I wasn't too annoying to talk to, eek!

Feb 17th. Day 48.
To 'celebrate' Jake's birthday we took the train to York for the day. The Railway Museum was the best part of it all for us as it ended up being pretty bad rain from when we arrived, until we left haha. So much so infact, that I was only able to get the camera out in TRM and didn't get to photograph the Minster, Shambles, park or even the fab squirrels! We'll need to make a return visit in better weather.

Feb 18th. Day 49.
To continue my busy (and weirdly social) week off from work, my friend Laura came up to visit from Newcastle! We had a drive out to Eyemouth and enjoyed a walk around the harbor in the sunshine then stopped for some chips in front of the sea. This guy was annoyed that we didn't share. It's for your own good Mr!


  1. Ahh, you sunrise was gorgeous! I had a similar photo for my weekly round up too. Ahh Baker, now that I've official been introduced, I can appreciate his face more and more, he's too cute and such a softy!

    It really was great chatting to you! And you definitely didn't talk too much! It's nice to have someone to chat too and to chat so easily with as well. I'm crazy awkward on the phone, so I'm glad we spoke over Hangouts haha. Kris says we should chat more, he says it's nice that I "have friends" haha... I guess that just says how many friends I don't have.

    The railway museum looks really awesome! I hope to see more photos!

  2. Stunning sunset, I love the silhouette chimney pots! Spring flowers are lovely, I was surprised how many I saw the other year when I looked out for them, I especially like crocuses :)

    Have a great week!
    Ami x

  3. Your first photo blew me away! It's gorgeous!!!! The Railway Museum looks really interesting! I'd love to visit someday! & of course the beautiful Baker :D
    Jade x

  4. Stunning photos! I particularly like the first one. Really catches my eye; very striking! Sounds like you had a lovely week :) We are somewhat alike it seems as I hate talking on the phone too, to anyone other than close family! x x


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