Saturday, 13 February 2016

February 2016 // Days 36 - 42

Feb 5th. Day 36.
Day 36 and the first day that I forgot to take a photo. Technically I did take this photo, but I mean a real photo - I don't want all my photos to just be half-bottomed snaps of things like this. I've been taking photos of most of my orders I send out just to have a little memento of the work I have done.

Feb 6th. Day 37.
My favorite people (besides my immediate family of course) on my recent favorite top!

Feb 7th. Day 38.
Today was a cosy day at Mam and Dads for lunch so I just played around with some bokeh while we chilled and watched lots of Friends!

Feb 8th. Day 39.
Oh, how I love my birds and it's been a whole 4 days since the last bird photo haha. These little turnstones were looking super cute in their winter plumage, bathing in the falling afternoon light and surprisingly weren't as easily spooked as they usually are. This is the only photo I've really managed to get of them since this photo in January of last year. They are a super cute species with an even cuter call that you can always recognise when you hear it.  

Feb 9th. Day 40.
I've started taking my camera with me almost everytime I leave the house now, just so I don't miss any opportunities! This evening I just popped over to town with Mam and as we were walking back to my house I thought this was a pretty view looking towards my house. I know I photograph these bridges a lot but they are a landmark in our town and with me seeing them every single day it's hard not to. 

Feb 10th. Day 41.
Another lovely sunny day! It was a pretty awesome day too actually. I managed to get washing out on the line, Baker and I met Dad from work and he came to ours for homemade pizza, we booked tickets to see Mary Poppins on tour, today's classic Disney movie was one of my faves (from the post-90s ones) - Lilo and Stitch AND I found out that I'd misentered last months gas reading and so am in credit with British Gas! Woohoo!

Feb 11th. Day 42.
A frosty morning today! It didn't warm up much either.


  1. That last shot is really satisfying - love the detailing there! The shot of the turnstones is gorgeous too - such sweet birds! - Tasha

  2. Yay for gas credit! I can a little bit back this year so that's pretty awesome.

    I'm terrible for leaving my camera at home but now I have a good bag to carry it in, I pretty much take it everywhere. Except to work. The thing with me is, I usually only take one lens and then kick myself when I want another one. So I got a good bag mostly so I could carry an extra lens with me. I went to leave one at home on the weekend and Kris was all "Take iiiiit! You'll only want to if you don't". I didn't use it, but it was nice to have it with me haha.

    That was a long boring story...

  3. I love the bridge photos...there aren't enough pretty bridges down here! :) xox


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