Saturday, 27 February 2016

February 2016 // Days 50 - 56

Feb 19th. Day 50.
Another lovely day with Laura was had. With me being on holiday this time, I didn't have to sneak off out to work while she was in bed and instead we could both wake up, get ready and watch some movies before heading over to town. I'd spotted that the canvases (one of which I bought quite a while back) were on sale and so grabbed this Cinderella one to put up in the spare room, now that we've switched rooms over.

Feb 20th. Day 51.
I realized that, this year, I was yet to include a photo from the back room (which is now our bedroom, since the switch) toward the Royal Border bridge in this project. Last year I took many photos of this view with all the different skies. I quite like that there wasn't much of a colourful sunset and it was all shades of blue. I find it quite magestic. 

Feb 21st. Day 52.
It's almost March, meaning my Dechox is close to starting! I have to get in all the chocolate I can, especially the super cute Easter stuff - like this Milkybar trio Mam got me for after Sunday dinner at their house.

Feb 22nd. Day 53.
Today, after starting on January 1st, I watched the last movie of my Disney Classics collection. I have watched 1 a day, for 53 days as I wanted to see them consecutivly to appreciate the progression in animation over the years. It's crazy to think that they range from 1937 from 2014; I must admit I prefer the earlier days. I'm going to do a post talking all about my Disney dvd collection eventually but for now here is a photo of just my classics to celebrate my little daily movie challenge.
[edit - it's realllly annoying me that I've just noticed this isn't my full collecting. 1 is missing as it was in my bag upstairs from having had watched it at my parents. Dang it.]

Feb 23rd. Day 54.
Look!! Blue skies!! And mild enough with a breeze to hang washing outside. Unless you are a housewife you probably won't understand my excitement at this ;)
Nothing better than a Disney line too!

Feb 24th. Day 55.
Baker and I took a walk along the river today. It was brimming with birds, probably to do with the beautiful ball of fire in the sky! We saw this curlew, mute swan, goldeneye, mallard, redshank, sand piper, collard dove, pigeon, wood pigeon, black headed gull, herring gull, black bird, jackdaw, sparrow and chaffinch! Isn't that amazing?!
We had a lot of fun playing together until little man got a huge thorn in his paw. He was a big lad and although he grumbled, he let me get it out. Then we went home for cuddles! <3

Feb 25th. Day 56.
This photo pretty much sums up my day! After completing my classics dvds, we started on the Pixar ones; so today was Toy Story 2 which Baker watched while playing with his Rex toy. Other than that I got lots of blog work done, watched lots of Sabrina and Dad ordered me a sofa :)

Saturday, 20 February 2016

February 2016 // Days 43 - 49

Feb 12th. Day 43.
It was a crazy fire sky sunrise this morning. Bird silouettes are one of my favorite things ever to photograph I think...

Feb 13th. Day 44. 
My little World <3

Feb 14th. Day 45.
Off up to the parents to catch up with them, after they'd had a couple days away, and it started snowing on our walk! Baker isn't the biggest fan while it's falling and had a good bark at it haha. When we arrived at my parents I thought that the clash of seasons above was funny and pretty symbolic of our recent sporadic weather.

Feb 15th. Day 46.
It's been a while since a Cafe Nero trip.

Feb 16th. Day 47.
Today the other half turned 28, but as usual he spent the day on the Xbox. So I got to have my first ever face to face chat with this lovely friend of mine. I struggle in social situations and am one of those people who can't talk on the phone unless it's to my imediate family, so it was really weird that I turned into such a chatterbox. I hope I wasn't too annoying to talk to, eek!

Feb 17th. Day 48.
To 'celebrate' Jake's birthday we took the train to York for the day. The Railway Museum was the best part of it all for us as it ended up being pretty bad rain from when we arrived, until we left haha. So much so infact, that I was only able to get the camera out in TRM and didn't get to photograph the Minster, Shambles, park or even the fab squirrels! We'll need to make a return visit in better weather.

Feb 18th. Day 49.
To continue my busy (and weirdly social) week off from work, my friend Laura came up to visit from Newcastle! We had a drive out to Eyemouth and enjoyed a walk around the harbor in the sunshine then stopped for some chips in front of the sea. This guy was annoyed that we didn't share. It's for your own good Mr!

Saturday, 13 February 2016

February 2016 // Days 36 - 42

Feb 5th. Day 36.
Day 36 and the first day that I forgot to take a photo. Technically I did take this photo, but I mean a real photo - I don't want all my photos to just be half-bottomed snaps of things like this. I've been taking photos of most of my orders I send out just to have a little memento of the work I have done.

Feb 6th. Day 37.
My favorite people (besides my immediate family of course) on my recent favorite top!

Feb 7th. Day 38.
Today was a cosy day at Mam and Dads for lunch so I just played around with some bokeh while we chilled and watched lots of Friends!

Feb 8th. Day 39.
Oh, how I love my birds and it's been a whole 4 days since the last bird photo haha. These little turnstones were looking super cute in their winter plumage, bathing in the falling afternoon light and surprisingly weren't as easily spooked as they usually are. This is the only photo I've really managed to get of them since this photo in January of last year. They are a super cute species with an even cuter call that you can always recognise when you hear it.  

Feb 9th. Day 40.
I've started taking my camera with me almost everytime I leave the house now, just so I don't miss any opportunities! This evening I just popped over to town with Mam and as we were walking back to my house I thought this was a pretty view looking towards my house. I know I photograph these bridges a lot but they are a landmark in our town and with me seeing them every single day it's hard not to. 

Feb 10th. Day 41.
Another lovely sunny day! It was a pretty awesome day too actually. I managed to get washing out on the line, Baker and I met Dad from work and he came to ours for homemade pizza, we booked tickets to see Mary Poppins on tour, today's classic Disney movie was one of my faves (from the post-90s ones) - Lilo and Stitch AND I found out that I'd misentered last months gas reading and so am in credit with British Gas! Woohoo!

Feb 11th. Day 42.
A frosty morning today! It didn't warm up much either.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

January/February 2016 // Days 29 - 35

Jan 29th. Day 29.
Off to the station to see Dad off. He was only off to Newcastle to visit the family for a couple nights but we still miss him a lot - especially Baker haha. We have a tiny station in my town, only two platforms, but what makes me sad is that they knocked down what would have been an amazing treasured landmark to build it. Surely they could have put the station a few hundred meters the other way?!

Jan 30th. Day 30.
It snowed. Not for long and not much but the most we've had in a few year's I'd say. Baker used to love it when he was a pup but now that he's so soft and used to his home comforts the little play we had in the garden wasn't the most fun he's ever had. Instead he sat with his Granny and watched it from the window.

Jan 31st. Day 31.
Today Baker and I took part in our 3rd RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch! We always have fun watching and photographing the birds but today it was for a good reason. Sadly, we didn't see as many birds as last year...nor last week to be honest. This beautiful boy did come to taste our wares though which was nice of him.

Feb 1st. Day 32.
Rain, sun, rainbows, grey skies, blue skies. Poor Mother Nature doesn't know what she wants.
Today was a house day. House work, with help from Mam and blog work!

Feb 2nd. Day 33.
Today was the day that the nacreous clouds wowed us. However I was on my way home from work and didn't have my camera...can you imagine how gutted I am to be one of the only people in the town (or so it feels!) to have not been able to capture them? Pretty darn gutted. However this bag contained a box of my Mam's tray bake which comforted my slightly.

Feb 3rd. Day 34.
After an early morning post office run with Mam I was treated to a beautiful glow from the rising sun, while I actually had my camera. It was no 'rainbow' clouds, but it was pretty none the less!

Feb 4th. Day 35.
Claire and I met up for the first time in ages for a catch up this morning. Breakfast and then a walk past my favorite friends before heading to mine for Hercules and a good 5 hour chat haha!
What with all the stormy weather there are lots of logs/trees/branches washing down to the mouth of the river and on my way to work the other morning I spotted all the ducks sat together on this log. As it was under the water at high tide it made it look like the ducks were just practising some scronised swimming! haha This female hopping on while we were there today reminded me of that.