Saturday, 16 January 2016

January 2016 // Days 8 - 14

Jan 8th. Day 8.
Rain is said to be 'nice weather for ducks' isn't it? So I wonder if that has what brought out all the Goldeneyes in force! Unlike the Mallards these guys are rather camera shy and tend to disappear when there are people near by so I was lucky to catch this one as he popped back up from under the water during Baker, Mam and I's little river walk.

 Jan 9th. Day 9.
Long, long overdue. Today I finally (only a month and a half after it came out) got to see 'The Good Dinosaur' at the cinema. I like to see the majority of Disney films within the first couple days of them coming out so as to avoid seeing and hearing things from other people but with having no real cinema (I say real as we do have one, it just plays movies from years ago) in our town, it has to be either Edinburgh or Newcastle. This means that it's not just an £8.00 cinema ticket but also a train fare which I just can't always afford.
Anyways, the main point of this trip was to exchange Xmas gifts with my friend Laura and have some time with Mam and Dad. I'm just lucky that Laura is always up for seeing a Disney film with me :)

Jan 10th. Day 10.
After being poorly since Friday and having a long day away yesterday, today I just went to work, then had a quick trip to Morrisons with Mam before heading home and into my PJs for the day! The advice of 'never shop when you're hungry' makes a lot of sense because I ended up grabbing these guys... I can't just have one of each either because they 'need a friend'.

Jan 11th. Day 11.
The light at the end of the tunnel! haha I met Dad and Jake from work today so I could post off a couple prints at the Post Office then head up to Dads for a bath! It's the one thing I miss having at my own house and weirdly all of our previous 3 places were flats but had baths! Anyway, with being ill and having already blacked out in the shower on the 8th, I thought a bath would be a good idea.

Jan 12th. Day 12.
We always said we'd never let Baker on the bed. The only one place - he's allowed everywhere else, but nah...he goes on the bed too. Today I was taking a few photos of something for another blog post and apparently this was the only other photo I took all day. So I guess, ta-da the first 'filler' of the year...oops.
Though actually, come to think of it, maybe I'll take 1 photo of Baker every week and then I'll end up with a project 52 purely of him :)

Jan 13th. Day 13.
I spent about 9 hours working on one blog post today. That's a long time for what it was haha. 
This is my little notepad that tells me exactly what post is going up on what day right up until May! I currently have the whole of January fully written and scheduled to post but after that it's either just an idea or only part done. Within these plans I also give myself 'FREE' posts a couple times a month so if we do something, go somewhere or I have anything else to say I can fit those in too. :) This eases my stresses a lot!

Jan 14th. Day 14.
Another river walk for the boyo and I this extra freezing midday and we had lots of fun with no one around. Our swan friends were still there, taking shelter away from the river and this crow seemed extra keen to pose for me, even following along to the next tree as we walked away. <3


  1. Awww, the goldeneye ducks are so sweet. Beautiful shot of the crow as well - and of course of Baker too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who also buys things in pairs so they have a friend too! Hope you're feeling a lot better this week too. Was The Good Dinosaur good? I'm so keen to see it soon! - Tasha

  2. I love the first photo! Little ducky just swimming out there! I really should start swotting up on bird names haha. I'm getting quite into it, I guess I have you (and Tasha) to thank for that!

    I envy your blog organisation skills! I really do.

  3. Love that tunnel photo! Brilliant :) And Baker...obviously :) Plus...have never seen or heard of those ducks before, how unusual. Sweet little things, will be keeping my eye out now :) xox


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