Saturday, 30 January 2016

January 2016 // Days 22- 28

Jan 22nd. Day 22.
Only two days off being an exact year since we were here at our local theater for last years pantomime! This time, it was a little different though without Nana and sitting up in the circle for the first time! I really liked our seats as we were right at the end too, so out of the way of other people and could leave easily when we had to go for our taxi. I'm usually in bed for 8.30/9.00 at the latest due to work so when I was out on a Friday until 10 pm I was pretty knackered! It was a good show as always, though. 

Jan 23rd. Day 23.
If you follow me on Twitter, read my Weekly Reflections posts or have me has a friend on Facebook, you'll have seen that I'm watching a lot of Disney movies recently - more than usual. I decided last year after finally completing my Disney Classics collection that starting January 1st I wanted to watch them all through in order! Today is obviously day 23 out of 53 and a very underrated movie! 
23 is also my favorite/lucky number.

Oh and I usually watch the movies on the TV obviously but with Jake being at home he was on the Xbox ;)

Jan 24th. Day 24.
Up to Mam and Dad's house for the day and Baker had fun playing in the garden! Mam has these lovely little plants in her garden that are so blue they don't seem real!

Jan 25th. Day 25.
Like I've said, I'm trying to take the camera out more and not just settle for a photo of my tea. Therefore, when I popped up to Asda to meet Mam this morning I took the camera, just in case. Luckily I did as this female Blackbird was chilling on the path pecking at a discarded apple (FYI, please throw your apples in bushes or something so they can eat them in peace and to keep them away from other animals that shouldn't eat them). When she saw me she hopped up on this wall and posed a little. :)

Jan 26th. Day 26. 
I realized that last week featured not even a smidge of Baker. How couldn't it?! He's a major part of my everyday life, with me for around 12 hours a day (the other 12 he/we are sleeping or I'm at work), so what with that and him being such a super model I can't not take his photo. 

Jan 27th. Day 27.
It rained again today. A lot. There were roads unpassable and people soaked to the skin. This photo doesn't even justify it and was just a quick shot so that my camera didn't get wet.

Jan 28th. Day 28.
Not to always be discussing weather like an old person, but weather!! Yesterday it was dreadful rain, today it was a beautiful morning followed by a sunny afternoon and although the sunrise was another stunner, I can't help but worry about Mother Nature and her sporadic moods :(
The birds were going crazy today too.


  1. The skies down in Portsmouth have been so colourful and dynamic lately - its beautiful. Baker is saaaoooooo caaauuuttteeee! I have exciting news... my parents are getting a puppy! I'm telling everyone now 'cos its only ONE WEEK omg. Oh AND, you'll love this, mam and dad have let my sister and I name him DOBBY!! It's a compromise 'cos we wanted to name him Voldemort but mam said no... Dobby suits a squishy pug better anyway :'D
    Amber Love Blog

  2. Ah those plants in your Mum's garden are stunning, I love the colour! That shot of the birds flying about in the sky is beautiful too, what lovely colours. Your posts never fail to make me smile Danielle. - Tasha

  3. Ah ha! I was wondering about your Disney movie challenge, now I know!

    It's starting raining here too, but I don't mind, we had some good weather, I guess we earnt the rain haha


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