Saturday, 23 January 2016

January 2016 // Days 15 - 21

Jan 15th. Day 15.
Beach day! Though probably not in the same sense as many across the other side of the globe right now... It was cold and drizzly but we had a lot of fun exploring the river bed. We live on the mouth of the river Tweed so where we were is usually under water when the tide is in. Baker loves it and was sneaky enough to pop into the water while I was snapping a photo of this old broken bottle. I collect interesting pieces of beach glass but this was too big to keep hence photographing it.

Jan 16th. Day 16. 
Not the healthiest meal by far, actually, one of the most unhealthy I've had recently, but I'm loving it! Homemade chips, boiled rice, Korma sauce and Nann bread! Today was pretty uneventful so my evening meal was pretty much the highlight of the day haha.

Jan 17th. Day 17.
The lighter mornings are upon us! Granted this is a Sunday therefor I go to and come out of work an hour later than usual, but look - it's fully light at 9am! 

Jan 18th. Day 18. 
This morning I awoke to the very first (and possibly last) snow of the winter for us. We'd had perhaps a 1/4 of a CM hahaha, a little laughable but it was snow non the less! I'm not the biggest fan of snow because it causes such issues with transport and such, as well as the mess it makes once it turns to mush - however it would have been nice to take some photos of a bit more. We'll see what Mother Nature has in store...

Jan 19th. Day 19.
What with the gas bill being so high that I never want to put the heating on again and the fact that we're in the coldest week that we've had in well over a year, this dressing gown has become my best friend. I'll use it as a blanket, put it on over clothes and even sleep in it. It's so soft!

Jan 20th. Day 20.
Okay, so not be the most interesting of photos but I bought these awesome tables on Monday and we went and picked them up today. I dare you to guess how much I paid for them. I can't wait to get to work cleaning them up a bit but don't worry, these guys will never fall fate to chalk paint. I have saved them from that awful ending. 

Jan 21st. Day 21.
It was another fantastic sunrise this morning. The sky was on fire! Sadly by the time I got home after work to get my camera and got back out I missed the best of it so instead I walked along the river to see who (creature wise) was around. It was pretty quiet minus a curlew, a couple golden eyes, mallards and swans so I tried to get a photo of how weird the frost looked on the long grass and weeds at the edge of the river.


  1. I love that shot of the bottle on the beach, there's something about it. Also the shots of the snow and the frost along the river are lovely. Love your dressing gown too! - Tasha

  2. First of all, the tables are gorgeous really! So antique looking. And that gown my friend looks so comfortable and is so cute!
    lovely photos Danielle. I have to agree with Tasha, the first photo is my favorite! 💛

  3. I dunno, that dinner looks pretty tasty to me! I's probably swap the chips out for roasted potatoes, but then I'd be a carbs heaven :)

    Yes for lighter mornings and lighter evenings! Spring is on its way!


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