Saturday, 9 January 2016

January 2016 // Days 1 - 7

Heck yeah we're back for yet another year of daily photos!!
I hope to try a little harder this year and get outside more instead of just settling for a photo of Baker asleep on the sofa or what movie I was watching that day.
There will be a 2015 summary on my main blog, Underland to Wonderland, on the 29th of January. However, until then you can check out all of 2015 in monthly sections by clicking here.

Jan 1st. Day 1.
What better way to start this 4th year of a photography project, than with the very first sunrise of the year? The sky was like candy floss on my way home from work so I decided to grab my camera and tripod and take my goal, of working harder on my daily photos, seriously. It was a nice way to spend my New Years Day morning.
I also spent some of my time today cleaning up all the take away mess that people from the night before had left, seeing as the council workers weren't back to work yet and I didn't want the birds to get ill from trying to get into the styrofoam containers. Other than that I had a lazy day on the sofa with Netflix, my blog and my dog! <3

Jan 2nd. Day 2.
While the studio is set up, I like to make the most of it and so after photographing a few things for the blog, Baker and I had a bit of fun! I couldn't choose just one so here are a couple haha. I will have a full set of our new family portraits and Baker's shots up on my main blog...eventually haha.

Jan 3rd. Day 3.
Out with the old and in with the new! Calendars that is. It's still weird having calendars of my own photography... Is it bad luck that I didn't put the new one up until today? I did take the other one down on the 31st though!

Jan 4th. Day 4.
In the hopes of trying harder with my photos this year (and leaving the house instead of just taking a photo of Baker on the sofa as a filler), I doubled back to pick up my camera again after Baker and I had headed out and I'd forgotten it.
It was rainy and super windy, so I struggled to get anything worthwhile without soaking my camera. The swans were all out of the river on the grass patch next to the bowling club though, what with the storm making the river so fast and choppy. Baker has been brought up around wildlife so he is extremely well behaved and just sits nice while I'm taking photos but these swans must have know we were safe as they were pretty friendly and tried to come over to us! haha

Jan 5th. Day 5.
I finally got the first two prints of my new Harry Potter collection printed, photographed and put up in the store! Check them out here. Who will be the first to grab one..? ;) 

Jan 6th. Day 6.
I was in all day yesterday from 8am, after work. At 4pm I left to pop over to town with Mam and arrived home 55mins later. However within the 55mins that I was out of the house, of course that's when a parcel arrived haha, and so this morning after work I waited in the pouring rain for the parcel office to open so I could get it. I'm really happy with my RSPB order - a new reusable shopper, 2016 Diary and Xmas cards for next year! :)

Jan 7th. Day 7.
Day 5 of the non-stop rain and we're feeling sad for the birds! Baker and I spent a good while sitting at our spare room window taking photos and he watched the trains as usual. I put more food out in our back 'garden' as there were many blackbirds stopping by and making quite a noise as if to tell me they wanted more haha.
I took many photos, including ones of the blackbirds, blue tits and even a wren but I chose this one of a house sparrow as I think it shows just how wet it is out there. Poor little mite!


  1. Ah, love all of these photos! The HP prints look amazing Danielle, will definitely be getting some more as soon as I can and of course, there can never be enough Baker - he's too cute! Love the final shot of the sparrow too - he looks so fed up with the rain though! Lovely photos. - Tasha

  2. Ahh, that little guy! Pour fella, out in the rain!
    I was going to attempt a photo-a-day project this year, then I changed my mind, and now after reading this and seeing you're on your forth year, I think I will give it a go!

  3. I especially love January 1st photo, there's so many different colours in the sky and reflection it's amazing!

    Ami x

  4. Day 1 is a stunner! As is Baker obviously, but he probably knows it by now! :) A good start to your year xox


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