Thursday, 3 December 2015

November - December 2015 // Days 330 - 336

Nov 26th. Day 330.
On my way home from work the sun was just starting to rise and I knew it was gonna be an awesome one. So when I got back I unlocked the door, grabbed my camera and ran back out again! A half hour later and a beautiful sunrise watched, I walked the long 2.5minutes home :P

Nov 27th. Day 331.
New print up in the store yo! Check it out here from only £3.10!

Nov 28th. Day 332.
Yesterday my good friend Laura came up to stay the night so we could get an early start to drive up to Edinburgh! Unfortunately we wasn't aware that the day after 'black Friday' would be so crazy and there were even queues to get into Primark :O We did grab a couple things though and although the ice skating was too expensive and no longer in the actual gardens, my Mam and Dad did see Dynamo! haha

Nov 29th. Day 333.
Two weeks still to go but being the ever organized person and loving packing I sorted out my outfits for our London trip :P

Nov 30th. Day 334.
It's rare that we sit and actually watch something together without me being on the laptop or Jake on the Xbox. We couldn't decide on a movie because out of the zillions on Netflix we have either seen them, don't want to watch them or can't agree on them haha so we watched a few episodes of a show about 'Superhuman's or something.

Dec 1st. Day 335.
The first day of the last month in my first calendar.

Dec 2nd. Day 336.
Bless my little guy. He remembers exactly what to do with his advent calendar and used his little paw to open the drawer. The only thing is he thinks he should open them all in one day...:P


  1. That first photo is so pretty. I love the sun peaking out under the bridge.

  2. I'll never get tired of photos of Baker. He is so sweet. Beautiful photos as per usual Danielle :) Love the hogwarts shirt btw!

  3. Ahhh Baker has an advent calendar how cute!!

    That sunrise, it's a cracker. We've had a few gorgeous sunrises, but I don't take my camera to work so I haven't been able to capture them. Still, I like taking 10 minutes out of my morning to enjoy them


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