Thursday, 31 December 2015

December 2015 // Days 358 - Days 365!

Dec 24th. Day 358.
For a while the weather had turned pretty mild and so I turned off the heating. Then it got colder again but I'm tight and didn't want to turn it back on. This is me cosy-ing up before bed.

Dec 25th. Day 359.
One of the highlights of today was feeding the ducks this morning with Baker, even if I did stand in dog poo haha.

Dec 26th. Day 360.
Time for a freshly baked cake I think!

Dec 27th. Day 361.
Have you seen a more perfect napping area?! Picture Baker alongside me and you have my afternoon.

Dec 28th. Day 362.
One of my favorite things to get as a gift is socks, especially when they are this awesome! 

Dec 29th. Day 363.
This morning was brilliant. Baker and I met Dad for a walk to a different 'beach'. Where we are stood is usually covered by the mouth of the river when the tide is in but at low tide we we're lucky to have a good play time, with Bakers new Frisbee in tow. More photos from our walk will be on my main blog in a a couple months haha.

Dec 30th. Day 364.
My stunning new books arrived yesterday but seeing as I already had a photo for the day I waited for today to show them off haha. I was so excited to have gotten a Brave film cell and shed more than one tear while flicking through the Disney Book <3

Day 31st. Day 365.
365!! We did it! And of course the last photo is traditionally a family portrait. Happy New Year all.
We'll be back next Saturday with our first week of daily photos for 2016 :)

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  1. Yay! Well done for completing another year - I'm just starting my next one today! :D I love all of the Disney goodness - and the final photo is lovely. Happy New Year! - Tasha


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