Thursday, 24 December 2015

December 2015 // Days 351 - 357

Dec 17th. Day 351.
After a looonngg day I'm finally home to my boys! (The bearded one didn't want to be photographed, so I made Baker pose with all the bags I struggled with in London.)

Dec 18th. Day 352.
Off to bed with my new Lion King cup :)

Dec 19th. Day 353.
Had to make sure I got all my London trip goodies photographed so I could get them all put away! They will all be in my quarterly haul on my main blog on the 30th of this month, so keep an eye out if you'd like to have a nose.

Dec 20th. Day 354.
While tiding out the spare room I came across my Hogwarts letter and decided to just get it framed finally - including a couple sneeky photos from the Warner Brothers Studio Tour! It's hard to photograph to show it off well, but you might be able to see that it's all sprinkled with gold glitter.

Dec 21st. Day 355.
We don't do many gifts in my house, but I went off to deliver the first of the year to a special friend this morning. It was nice to get a quick catch up in before the Christmas season.

Dec 22nd. Day 356.
More blog post photographing today and this one in particular has been left pretty late by my standards. I didn't decorate until a day or two before we left for London, then we were away for 3 days and time got away from me. That post will be up on Christmas day ;)

Dec 23rd. Day 357.
Tonight it was approaching bedtime and I still hadn't taken a photo. I didn't want to get this close to completion and fail again so decided to take the tripod into the front garden. The clouds were pretty eerie and moving super fast but were hard to photograph what with the moon being so bright and the clouds so dark. Therefore I had a little play around and decided to do a slow shutter. This was the best shot.


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  1. That shot of the moon is stunning Danielle, gorgeous photo! I love all of your London goodies too and the framed Harry Potter letter is amazing. Lovely shot of Baker too. Merry Christmas! - Tasha


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