Saturday, 19 December 2015

December 2015 // Days 344 - 350

Dec 10th. Day 344.
Packing up, photographing and getting excited to post off our little care package to Monkey World in Dorset. I have done a care package of some sort for the last few years - for a local cat and dog shelter, for Operation Christmas child and this year Monkey world - it's so much fun to pick out things and send it on it's way! 
People have asked if I was doing a blog post on it but I am waiting until next year as I think more people need to spread their kindness of supporting charities throughout the year and not just at Christmas time. Although obviously this is a brilliant time to give too, it is when the majority of people are most charitable.

Dec 11th. Day 345.
A walk along the river with B-man and my Mam to get a photo for our Christmas card to go in with our box shown above! We took a few, with many out takes...this was one of the least funny ones but Baker wanted up. You can check out a sillier one here.

Dec 12th. Day 346.
M&Ms! <3

Dec 13th. Day 347.
What an astounding morning I had! When walking home from work, from my last shift for a full 7 days, I spotted this guy in the distance. I got home, grabbed my camera and shot straight back out the door. 
About 45 minutes later with completely numb hands I returned home with lots of photos of this awesome guy as well as all of my usual species of bird and finally my first young Robin of the year :)

Dec 14th. Day 348.
All packed and ready to go in the morning!

Dec 15th. Day 349.
Happy Birthday Mam :)

Dec 16th. Day 350.
Our second day in the capital and finally, 3 years after it first opened to the public, I got to walk through the doors into the Hogwarts Great Hall and beyond. Magical doesn't even begin to cover what it meant to me and many tears were shed. Now I have a few hundred photos to sort through that will most likely fill at the very least 4 blog posts... I'm glad to have those as memories though, as it was probably my first and only visit. 

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  1. I'm so glad you had a lovely time in London, I can imagine those first few moments walking through the doors of Hogwarts were amazing - what a feeling! Stunning shot of the seal too, what a lovely view to catch. Love the shot of you, your Mum and Baker too and as always Danielle, you inspire me to give and share the causes I care about - you're a wonderful person. - Tasha


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