Thursday, 10 December 2015

December 2015 // Days 337 - 343

Dec 3rd. Day 337.
New shoes arrived! For some reason I had no black shoes, so in time for going to London I got an early Xmas gift. Thank you Dad <3

Dec 4th. Day 338.
What's better than chocolate coins? Disney chocolate coins!

 Dec 5th. Day 339.
Today the weather worsened. You will have seen the absolute devastation that Cumbria and the Borders have faced on the news and what with being on the border of both of those and living right next to a river I kind of got a little paranoid and started taking stuff upstairs. Jake then reminded me that we live at the mouth of the river...where it is tidal water and the extra water was all just heading out to sea. I feel stupid for being so silly when others have lost their worlds. My heart has been with everyone effected all this week. <3

Dec 6th. Day 340.
It's 10 days until we finnnally get to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour and I'm getting ready by watching the movies yet again. Jake is on night shift this week, so while he was in bed Baker and I had cuddles on the sofa to watch the Philosophers Stone. :)

Dec 7th. Day 341.
Baker and I met his Granda from work today, walked up to his house to help set up his new wifi and ended up staying for tea so we could see his Granny after she got in from work. This dog is obsessed with his you'd think there were magnets in each of them because he is glued to her wherever she goes! 

Dec 8th. Day 342.
Finished off some DIY festive decor today. I have a few odd bits already up but the tree won't be going up until Sunday (the traditional day that it is supposed to go up), that is if I decide to put it up this year. 

Dec 9th. Day 343.
It's not often Baker and I go along the river anymore. There has been word of a dog with kennel cough still being taken out and let to run around with other dogs along there and it's not often that there isn't anyone there, but this morning after getting back from the Post Office I decided we'd give it a go to take some photos and let little man have a run.
We spotted this beautiful little female blackbird foraging for food when we first arrived. What with being raised alongside Jake and I photographing wildlife he is pretty good at sitting like a good lad while Mammy takes a few photos which is fab. Then we had some off the lead time, playing fetch with a stick and Baker being cheeky and trying to jump off the edge into the river a couple times (which is higher than it seems)!
We got a couple nice photos of him in the glow of the sun and then headed home. It was lovely.


  1. Stunning photos as always here Danielle - the shot of the sun bursting through beneath the bridge is lovely, and the shot of Baker and your Mum is the sweetest! Hope you're OK after the floods. - Tasha

  2. I love the new shoes! Maybe when I wear my Converse out, I might get some Vans instead!


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