Thursday, 5 November 2015

October - November 2015 // Days 302 - 308

Oct 29th. Day 302.
Today was the day my Hogwarts letter finally arrived. Only 14 years after my 11th birthday, the letter I knew should have been on it's way to me got here. Judging from the funny stamps etc all over the envelope I would bet on saying that for my year Hogwarts must have attempted to use the muggle postage system and it didn't go so well! 
Thankfully I got in touch with a lovely lady who helped to re-direct mine my way :) Her service does have a small charge but for the work she does it is extremely reasonable. Look out on my main blog in the coming weeks for a more in depth post and a cheeky coupon code that the friendly lady gave me when she heard I had planned to blog about it.

Oct 30th. Day 303.
When Jake is home and using the big TV (and Baker and I don't want to sit upstairs) this is our movie watching set up!

Oct 31st. Day 304.
Happy Halloween World! Jake,Baker and I had a lovely night together having pizza, watching a movie and chilling, before I had an early night (as always haha) ready for work in the morning.

Nov 1st. Day 305.
Does this look like a November sky?! What a stunning view my old bedroom at my parents house has. Straight out to sea with a plethora of birds. Just beautiful. The 3 of us took a trip 'up the road' to my Mam and Dads house for Sunday lunch and it was lush!

Nov 2nd. Day 306.
Again - is this November?! It actually stayed dry long enough for me to get a handful of Baker's toys and blankies washed and hung out! I always love being able to hang washing out, but especially so when it looks so cute! Notice that Baker is especially into tiny toys, which is so funny, but he is extra gentle with all of his toys for a dog. 

Nov 3rd. Day 307.
Ahoy there fog! Before Mam and Dad headed away for a couple days I had a lovely walk along the river with Dad and Baker! I LOVE when it's supposed 'bad weather' as a lot less people bother to walk their dogs meaning we can go out without the worry or stress of running into anyone. This being a 2 minute walk from our front door makes it extra awesome. I had to include both photos as we saw so many amazing creatures in the short time we were there and I needed to remember that. <3

Nov 4th. Day 308.
Not the prettiest of photos admittedly but the past day and a half has been spent getting the winter clothes out and organizing photo albums on my external hard drive so it was this or nothing!  

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  1. We had such lovely fog in Dublin this week too! I finally made space on my hard drive to upload them as well haha


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