Thursday, 26 November 2015

November 2015 // Days 323 - 329

November 19th. Day 323.
I bought a couple of Christmas decorations. I am one of those people screaming inside that it is no where near Christmas and the songs in stores and people counting the days are far too early, but technically I only bought them and haven't put them up so that's okay. Okay?

November 20th. Day 324.
Homemade lentil soup time yo!

November 21st. Day 325.
Can't believe these finally arrived today. The time is getting closer. Excited, scared, nervous. I know you have all seen it multiple times, but London is like 350 miles away and it costs a lot to get there and have a place to stay. (FYI I have edited out the date and time we are going, safety reasons ya know!)

November 22nd. Day 326.
This image pretty much sums up our household. All it needs is a dog toy to complete it to be honest. 

November 23rd. Day 327.
I know what I just said about Christmas....

November 24th. Day 328.
Yeah. I did it again. 

November 25th. Day 329.
So I had to go to A&E but thankfully it wasn't serious. I still had to get little tablets though and for someone who doesn't take any sort of medication/drugs besides liquid Piriton, and can'r swallow tablets either, it's not the most fun. In comes Rocco! See last weeks post for my views on 'broken biscuits'. 


  1. Usually I'm so excited for Christmas already, but I've been so busy and knackered I've barely thought about it, it's adding to the stress to be honest.

    You're gonna love The Lion King! I haven't seen it in London but was super lucky to see it in New York for my 18th with my mama :-) brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps. And the puppetry is incredible.

    I haven't seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks in years! It always seems to come up in conversation though. And my boyfriend has been chatting bout Fallout 4 haha, shame it's only available on xbox one (if I'm right you can't get it on 360 yet?)

    What happened to you?! Are you ok now? Good luck with the tablets ;-) I'm a pro with tablets, have to take one every day anyways for depression, plus contraceptive pill - I can't swallow round tablets though, like the painkillers in France, wow. Not nice haha.


  2. oooh Christmas decorations!! SO nice! We already have are Christmas tree up and other decorations around the house!
    Jade :D xo

  3. Hope you're feeling better?! I'm just catching up now and haven't spoke much over the last few days - plus I've been avoiding twitter too...


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