Thursday, 19 November 2015

November 2015 // Days 316 - 322

Nov 12th. Day 316.
Back to the Thursday routine of meeting Mam after work and popping over to town, tonight we went to out semi-regular watering hole. I don't drink hot drinks so of course the Cranberry and Raspberry drink is mine. Mam picked me up a gingerbread man too but when she saw it was broken went to put it back. I said not to because most people don't want broken things and others would put it back too, but it doesn't effect how it tastes and I felt sorry for him still smiling even with a broken neck. 

Nov 13th. Day 317. 
These actually arrived yesterday but for some reason were taken next door instead of to us and they only brought them round after 7pm when I was already getting sorted for bed. So, here they are. My 2016 calendars. 
I still have 7 for sale so please do get in touch if you'd like one. I have the full list of photos included too if you'd like to see them before buying. They are £10.00 plus postage.

Nov 14th. Day 318.
I woke at 6am, after having gone to sleep at 9pm, to the horrific news of the previous nights events in Paris. I walked to work feeling physically sick and turned on the news instead of my usual 3rd Rock from the Sun. I cried through me whole shift and then again on the phone to my Mam while I walked home. I stayed off social media and was glued to all news websites all day and exhausted myself with crying but I didn't know why - it's not like I personally lost someone or witnessed it and felt guilty for being so upset.
After falling asleep at 5pm hugging Baker I woke up to a message on Facebook asking if I'd been along to photograph the border bridge as it had been lit up in tricolore. I grabbed my camera, coat, tripod (as it was pitch black outside) and ran along the road to the side of the river. It was pouring down of rain so I only had a short time to get the photo I wanted without ruining my camera. This is what I managed and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it.
I didn't want to leave. It was so beautiful and so peaceful compared to the scenes in which it was a tribute for.

Nov 15th. Day 319.
This little guy is poorly. Like his Mam he suffers from allergies and this week has been pretty bad for us both. If I could take away his aliments (right now it's affecting his right ear), I'd gladly deal with it so he would be back to his normal self. 

Nov 16th. Day 320.
After a busy day of housework and blogging I went to bed with my Disney brochure (although it's already booked and not via the brochure) to look at the pictures and think about how Disneyland Paris is coping this week.
I have been appalled by some of the selfish people who can do nothing but moan that the park was closed. People have lost their lives, lost their family members and friends and you are annoyed that your spoiled child doesn't get to meet Elsa? Get your priorities straight and show some respect. Yes I know what a Disney holiday costs, I've done it a few times now believe it or not, but if I had been there this week I'd have been respectful and appreciative to the staff who have gone to such amazing efforts to still keep you all safe and entertained in the hotels. 

Nov 17th. Day 321.
I love when someone from across the world orders one of my prints! <3

Nov 18th. Day 322.
It's crazy how quick the weather can change. One minute it was bright and dry and the next I thought my windows were going to smash! It wasn't just rain however, but hail stones!! Ahhh!


  1. Awww, Baker! <3 That photo is too cute. The shot of the bridge is stunning as well and yay for lots of prints being ordered too - you deserve more recognition! I'll be in touch about a calendar too :) - Tasha

  2. I love rainy window photos!
    What a week it has been... what a world we live in. Really, I can't believe people would be complaining that the park shut, for a day! Really?! What is wrong with people.


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