Thursday, 12 November 2015

November 2015 // Days 309 - 315

Nov 5th. Day 309.
Remember, remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I think however these days people should remember, remember the old people, children, veterans and animals who are scared to death tonight. When I was little I remember being taught the history of the day and the importance of remembering, but these days it seems people only know it as 'bonfire night' and an excuse to let off fireworks from now Halloween until New Years. 
If you must enjoy the beautiful displays, please support local organized events, consider buying the silent fireworks so you can see but not hear them or better yet - just enjoy the ones at Disneyland. 

Usually my little man couldn't care less and has even watched fireworks from the window but as he was sleeping a particularly loud and crackly one went off and spooked him so although he never, ever sleeps in our bed...tonight was different. With Jake being at work until after 10 and me going to bed at 8 for work, this little guy had to come for hugs until Daddy got home <3

Nov 6th. Day 310.
I was taking some photos of my Hogwarts letter ready for a full blog post on my other blog about it and thought I'd grab a shot of this super cute card that the lovely seller included for me! I may frame it as I love the quote. 

Nov 7th. Day 311.
Little did I realize I would end up with 3/4 photos of this guy this week haha. I had to try and find others for other days as you'll see but this was actually the only thing I took today last minute. My sweet sleepy man hugging his Dad.

Nov 8th. Day 312.
Lion King esc sunrise anyone? haha This is just one of many pluses of being up at 6am every morning. Is there anything more beautiful to walk to work in than this, no cars and lots of birds?? <3

Nov 9th. Day 313.
'Video print screen alert!' Okay so yep, this was another day where if I hadn't taken a still from a video there would have been another video of the B-man... I actually spent 3 hours this morning filming a video of my Disney clothing collection, however everything except the shoe portion wasn't usable and so I deleted it lol! Think I'll stick to the blog :P

Nov 10th. Day 314.
This may not look like anything to you, but as my Mam, Baker and I were walking along the river this evening a ginormous flock of Geese flew over head. Unfortunately my settings were set for photographing something completely different so by the time I got sorted this was the best I could manage to capture.

Nov 11th. Day 315.
Finally, after days and days of saying I was gonna get this done - I got it done!! Not much longer birdies, it just has to set then you can munch away :) 


  1. That shot of the geese flying overhead is so dreamy! You take such stunning shots Danielle. All of the Baker goodness here too, he's such a cutie! I adore your HP quote too. - Tasha

  2. I love the geese photo! Although, that happens to me a lot, I see something that I want to photograph right there and I'm too slow with my settings, but I refuse to use auto because manual is just too much fun. I get quicker every time, but I'm usually way to slow for things.

    Your indoor photos are really great, in terms of the colours and (I assume) you are using a slightly higher ISO - in a few years, I'd like to upgrade my Nikon to one with a better ISO sensitivity, especially with my zoom lens as that cuts off lots of light when zoomed in.

    I'm just waffling now...

    That sunrise makes me happy :)


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