Thursday, 1 October 2015

September 2015 // Days 267 - 273

Sept 24th. Day 267.
For someone who is petrified of spiders and moths/butterflies, I'm unsure as to why a creature that is pretty much a combination of them both doesn't bother me more!

Sept 25th. Day 268.
Thanks to this I lost 3 hours worth of video editing.

Sept 26th. Day 269.
A little trip to get the car checked out turned into a visit to my uncles and a lunch catch up with Laura in Whitley Bay. It was weird weather -warm but hazy looking which made photographing St Mary's Lighthouse more difficult than it should have been. 

Sept 27th. Day 270.
The food of champions! I'm trying hard the end of this/next month to rectify my eating habits as my health and appearance are suffering. I am anemic as well as having many other deficiencies/issues so alongside cutting out as much fat, oil etc as possible I will be starting on B12 supplements this week. Fingers crossed it helps!

 Sept 28th. Day 271.
Although it was yesterday that the cool moon stuff was going down, I get up for work at 6 so was I heck getting up any earlier to see if it was visible from my house. Anyways, tonight's moon was pretty awesome too! It was quite big and the way the clouds were made it feel very Halloweeny!

Sept 29th. Day 272.
After a Tuesday town visit with Mam, I gave her a mini photography lesson and got her to take some photos of me for an upcoming blog post. After we'd gotten those, it was still a while until Mam's bus home so we sat watching the birds and snapping some more different shots. The tone of the sun was gorgeous! 

Sept 30th. Day 273.
While in Blyth on Saturday we'd stopped off at Jolleys to grab Bakers Xmas gift (or the main one anyways) and at the checkout I spotted a freezer with this special doggy safe frozen yogurt! I let little man try it tonight and he was so obsessed with it that he had a mini temper tantrum when I wouldnt let him finish the full pot! 


  1. Baker! What a cutie! I love trying different food with Pork Chop (different, hamster suitable food!), my little man is quite the banana and strawberry fan.

    Hope all the car related business is going well and you're getting to enjoy at least having the car :)

    Damn, I love that moon photo! I must try out my new lens on the moon sometime. I reckon I can set my tripod up on the roof of our apartment haha :)

  2. I love that shot of the reflection in your Mum's sunglasses, that's so cool and the vies over Whitley look lovely as well. That first shot is amazing too - I am the type of person that loves insects unfortunately and I always want to get closer for a better look! Love the final shot of Baker too. Hope all is going well with your car too! - Tasha

  3. Love that big moon! :) Will have to look out for the frozen yoghurt; Stella loves the Billy & Margot doggy ice cream. I spoon her some into a bowl and only let her near the carton when there's just one portion left. She carries it round the garden like a trophy! X


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