Thursday, 29 October 2015

October 2015 // Days 295 - 301

Oct 22nd. Day 295.
Just taking a couple quick photos for my Halloween blog post and a certain model wondered why the camera wasn't pointing it him. I must say that he took it upon himself to pose like this and to bring his snake into the frame haha.

Oct 23rd. Day 296.
An eventful day.
Our simple 1 and a bit hour drive to Edinburgh turned into 2 and a bit when we sat in 1st gear traffic for 20 miles (never seen anything like it any further North than Nottingham), just for 'smoke' to start issuing from under the bonnet and smart a**e drivers trying to tell me when it was blatantly obvious that I could see it...with no way of getting off the main bypass at all.

Once we got to our destination and popped the bonnet it seemed to just be the radiator water was boiling over so we released the pressure and let out the steam before heading into a very disappointing shopping center and leaving less than 30mins later.
All seemed well until the over heating light came on and the car juttered forward while back in the traffic. I pulled over into an emergency lay by 1/2 a mile away and rang my roadside assistance. This was 5.30pm.
We finally arrived home at 10.30pm. My car is now for sale for repairs. :(

Oct 24th. Day 297.
The infamous shoes that I have a love/hate with! I adore them and am so happy to have them seeing as I'm a big fan of the brand, have many other pairs of Vans and didn't like any of the original designs that were released. However these were listed as an online exclusive 'only available' at a particular US store. I ordered them in the first hour that they were released. A week and a bit later they were available on the Schuh website as an apparent 'exclusive' to them too...gutted! I paid for international shipping (therefore spent more that I needed to) and didn't get them until 15 days after I'd ordered them. You live and you learn eh?! 

Oct 25th. Day 298.
So it seems I have no photos on any memory cards from this day. I have no idea why!

Oct 26th. Day 299.
Just one of a week full of Halloween themed meals!! Check out my other blog tomorrow to see the rest ;) 

Oct 27th. Day 300.
Just look at those bloomin' tootsies. He's so cute when he's sleeping :P I know he has long nails too, but he is murder to get them cut and last time I took him to the vet to get it done they only managed to cut one with 4 of them holding him. I don't think it's worth getting him stressed over it or getting him put under to get them done. 

Oct 28th. Day 301.
My 2015 Jack O Lanterns. I tried haha (Check out last years, they were way better)


  1. AWWW!! I love all your pictures, missus! Baker is clearly your diva boy and RIP little car. It sounded like it just didn't like the idea of being in traffic, did it? I am going to head over to your other place so I can check out that Halloween pizza because YUMMMMMM...PIZZA! Can't wait to see the rest of your days!

    Dee xoxo

  2. Baker! What a camera hog! Oooh those pumpkins look great!!

  3. Is that pizza? it looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!
    The vans you ordered are so you! I love them!
    Jade xo

  4. Your Jack O Lanterns look amazing Danielle - I'm not very good at carving - this year's one didn't turn out as well as last years so I think they're awesome! Sorry to hear about your car problems too, that sucks - is it going to be repaired for you? I hope it all gets sorted out and you get some compensation for it, and for your Vans too - the print is lovely but it's sad to hear you paid extra when you didn't have to. - Tasha

  5. Your pumpkins are great! Stella's nails get awfully long too but she is petrified of getting them trimmed and I can only get a sliver off at a time without her flinching.

    So sorry about your car trouble :( xox


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