Thursday, 22 October 2015

October 2015 // Days 288 - 294

Oct 15th. Day 288.
It seems the offspring of last years Blackbirds have also come to our garden. She was very much enjoying these red berries while I put the washing out and I'm glad that she felt safe enough to stay there while I was there unlike a lot of the other birds.

Oct 16th. Day 289.
Our London trip is creeping up and because I like to be organized I spent today writing out our itinerary! Times, trains and working out travel prices...which I wasn't so happy to find out. London is so expensive! :/

Oct 17th. Day 290.
Another Disney Movie Reward!! Probably the only time I will be excited about the post mans arrival :P

Oct 18th. Day 291.
My little sun worshiper would rather lay on the floor outside his bed than in it's comfort if it means sunbathing! He's loving his new teddy from his Granny too. 

Oct 19th. Day 292.
I can't believe I've been 25 for a week already. We really don't have long enough on this planet! I spent some time today photographing things for my Birthday haul on Underland to Wonderland - it'll be up in November.

Oct 20th. Day 293.
I couldn't wait any longer! I had to get my pumpkins haha. How fab are these little Halloween themed sweeties too? A little bit of a rip of but I couldn't resist their cuteness which I gather is their evil selling plan. 

Oct 21st. Day 294.
Look at that blue sky!!! Baker and I picked his Daddy up from work and went to our 'secret' park to have a run about. Baker loves playing all the time of course, but he especially likes playing with his Dad. Perfect autumn day and lots of fun <3


  1. Beautiful shot of the blackbird and the one of Baker is so cute too! Love all of the cute pumpkins and treats for Halloween, we got ours the other day, I love pumpkins! Love the last shot of Baker and Jake playing too. - Tasha

  2. I love A Bugs Life! I haven't seen it in ages though. I also caved and got a pumpkin from the store, to eat rather than to carve, and not quite as big haha. I don't know what I'm going to do with it though...


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