Thursday, 15 October 2015

October 2015 // Days 281 - 287

Oct 8th. Day 281.
This guy!! This bloomin' guy!! To a lot of people this probably just looks like your average Seagull which there are plenty of here, but it's actually Great Black-Backed Gull and I've been trying to photograph this one for weeks. It's very strange as this guy is the only of his species I've ever seen in my town and he is always in the same place at certain times but he seems to know when I have and haven't got a camera!

Oct 9th. Day 282.
Winter jarmies and dressing gown weather now!

Oct 10th. Day 283.
These cupcakes look amazing, yes? I was so excited to tuck into mine. Little did I know the icing would not just be coloured orange but tasted orange too. The orange hell didn't end there either - there was weird, yucky orange goop in the middle! Ruined a perfectly good chocolate cupcake. 

Oct 11th. Day 284.
What a super busy, awesome, celebratory day! After work my Mam and I left town early arriving at Woodhorn, Ashington in time for opening to explore the museum and photograph the poppies that have come to visit from the Tower of London! Afterwards we headed to my friend Laura's, then we went shopping and to have lunch before Disney on Ice at night!! Look out for LOTS more photos from this day over on my main blog in the coming weeks.
[I included two photos because how could I choose?! Plus I have missed 2 photos this project so far so now this extra one means I am only 1 short instead. :) ]

Oct 12th. Day 285.
Jake took my birthday off to spend it with me, so we had a run out to Eyemouth in the car for a walk around the harbour and some chippies!

Oct 13th. Day 286.
The Halloween decorations got put up today. That's another blog post you can look out for on my main blog on the 30th ;)

Oct 14th. Day 287.
I think the spiders are hinting that my bird feeder has been empty too long! haha 


  1. I love that last shot, cobwebs with dew on them are so pretty! And what is it with Seagulls and being photographed? I always struggle to get a good shot before they fly off too! Yours came out lovely though, you can see him in all his glory next to the river, much better than my blurry attempts, haha! I'm excited for your Halloween decorations post too - I love Halloween! And hope you had an amazing time at Disney On Ice! -Tasha

  2. But now it would be a shame to disturb the cobweb! We have the most amazing cobweb and spider dude in the basement of our apartment block, but some person has cleared him away! How rude!

    I miss good old British chips!

  3. So glad you managed to capture your gull (photographically of course!) and I bet seeing the poppies was brilliant :) x


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