Thursday, 8 October 2015

October 2015 // Days 274 - 280

Oct 1st. Day 274.
Morning trip to our current fave play ground. Dew cover grass in the morning light and all!

Oct 2nd. Day 275.
The day the sickness hit! Today my breathing/sinuses etc decided they hated me even more than usual haha! But Jake had got me this gingerbread biscuit and I really wanted to eat it, so I did but I couldn't taste it at all :/

Oct 3rd. Day 276.
Can anything more exciting than a Disney Movie Reward pop through your letter box?! I'm glad this arrived this morning more than ever for me to be able to photograph as otherwise I doubt I'd of been able to get a photo. Around midday my illness got even worse and I was laid in bed unable to move because of blinding pain in my head, major nausea, a crazy cough and nose issues. It doesn't really sound that bad, but I thought I was dying. I get ill quite often due to my immune system but I haven't felt that ill in years.

Oct 4th. Day 277.
This has been my life for the past 2 days and that gingerbread biscuit was one of the last things I've manged to eat. 

Oct 5th. Day 278.
I managed to stand up without my brain spinning!! And so had to get some work done with being so behind. Here's a peek at the NEW prints coming to the store soon.

Oct 6th. Day 279.
First lighting of the fire of the year!

Oct 7th. Day 280.
Back to our favorite hideaway for some puppy playtime in the autumn rain. Just look at all those pretty colours! 


  1. Every time I read these posts, I get the urge to start my own photo-a-day project.

  2. That first photo is so neat with all the water droplets.

  3. I really hope you're feeling so much better now Danielle. Love the shot of Baker by the fire, that looks so cosy and the colours of the leaves in the last photo are stunning too. You always capture things so beautifully. - Tasha

  4. Stella says well done Baker for getting so close to the warm fire! I say he looks devilishly handsome :) Such a shame you've been so poorly though x


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