Thursday, 29 October 2015

October 2015 // Days 295 - 301

Oct 22nd. Day 295.
Just taking a couple quick photos for my Halloween blog post and a certain model wondered why the camera wasn't pointing it him. I must say that he took it upon himself to pose like this and to bring his snake into the frame haha.

Oct 23rd. Day 296.
An eventful day.
Our simple 1 and a bit hour drive to Edinburgh turned into 2 and a bit when we sat in 1st gear traffic for 20 miles (never seen anything like it any further North than Nottingham), just for 'smoke' to start issuing from under the bonnet and smart a**e drivers trying to tell me when it was blatantly obvious that I could see it...with no way of getting off the main bypass at all.

Once we got to our destination and popped the bonnet it seemed to just be the radiator water was boiling over so we released the pressure and let out the steam before heading into a very disappointing shopping center and leaving less than 30mins later.
All seemed well until the over heating light came on and the car juttered forward while back in the traffic. I pulled over into an emergency lay by 1/2 a mile away and rang my roadside assistance. This was 5.30pm.
We finally arrived home at 10.30pm. My car is now for sale for repairs. :(

Oct 24th. Day 297.
The infamous shoes that I have a love/hate with! I adore them and am so happy to have them seeing as I'm a big fan of the brand, have many other pairs of Vans and didn't like any of the original designs that were released. However these were listed as an online exclusive 'only available' at a particular US store. I ordered them in the first hour that they were released. A week and a bit later they were available on the Schuh website as an apparent 'exclusive' to them too...gutted! I paid for international shipping (therefore spent more that I needed to) and didn't get them until 15 days after I'd ordered them. You live and you learn eh?! 

Oct 25th. Day 298.
So it seems I have no photos on any memory cards from this day. I have no idea why!

Oct 26th. Day 299.
Just one of a week full of Halloween themed meals!! Check out my other blog tomorrow to see the rest ;) 

Oct 27th. Day 300.
Just look at those bloomin' tootsies. He's so cute when he's sleeping :P I know he has long nails too, but he is murder to get them cut and last time I took him to the vet to get it done they only managed to cut one with 4 of them holding him. I don't think it's worth getting him stressed over it or getting him put under to get them done. 

Oct 28th. Day 301.
My 2015 Jack O Lanterns. I tried haha (Check out last years, they were way better)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

October 2015 // Days 288 - 294

Oct 15th. Day 288.
It seems the offspring of last years Blackbirds have also come to our garden. She was very much enjoying these red berries while I put the washing out and I'm glad that she felt safe enough to stay there while I was there unlike a lot of the other birds.

Oct 16th. Day 289.
Our London trip is creeping up and because I like to be organized I spent today writing out our itinerary! Times, trains and working out travel prices...which I wasn't so happy to find out. London is so expensive! :/

Oct 17th. Day 290.
Another Disney Movie Reward!! Probably the only time I will be excited about the post mans arrival :P

Oct 18th. Day 291.
My little sun worshiper would rather lay on the floor outside his bed than in it's comfort if it means sunbathing! He's loving his new teddy from his Granny too. 

Oct 19th. Day 292.
I can't believe I've been 25 for a week already. We really don't have long enough on this planet! I spent some time today photographing things for my Birthday haul on Underland to Wonderland - it'll be up in November.

Oct 20th. Day 293.
I couldn't wait any longer! I had to get my pumpkins haha. How fab are these little Halloween themed sweeties too? A little bit of a rip of but I couldn't resist their cuteness which I gather is their evil selling plan. 

Oct 21st. Day 294.
Look at that blue sky!!! Baker and I picked his Daddy up from work and went to our 'secret' park to have a run about. Baker loves playing all the time of course, but he especially likes playing with his Dad. Perfect autumn day and lots of fun <3

Thursday, 15 October 2015

October 2015 // Days 281 - 287

Oct 8th. Day 281.
This guy!! This bloomin' guy!! To a lot of people this probably just looks like your average Seagull which there are plenty of here, but it's actually Great Black-Backed Gull and I've been trying to photograph this one for weeks. It's very strange as this guy is the only of his species I've ever seen in my town and he is always in the same place at certain times but he seems to know when I have and haven't got a camera!

Oct 9th. Day 282.
Winter jarmies and dressing gown weather now!

Oct 10th. Day 283.
These cupcakes look amazing, yes? I was so excited to tuck into mine. Little did I know the icing would not just be coloured orange but tasted orange too. The orange hell didn't end there either - there was weird, yucky orange goop in the middle! Ruined a perfectly good chocolate cupcake. 

Oct 11th. Day 284.
What a super busy, awesome, celebratory day! After work my Mam and I left town early arriving at Woodhorn, Ashington in time for opening to explore the museum and photograph the poppies that have come to visit from the Tower of London! Afterwards we headed to my friend Laura's, then we went shopping and to have lunch before Disney on Ice at night!! Look out for LOTS more photos from this day over on my main blog in the coming weeks.
[I included two photos because how could I choose?! Plus I have missed 2 photos this project so far so now this extra one means I am only 1 short instead. :) ]

Oct 12th. Day 285.
Jake took my birthday off to spend it with me, so we had a run out to Eyemouth in the car for a walk around the harbour and some chippies!

Oct 13th. Day 286.
The Halloween decorations got put up today. That's another blog post you can look out for on my main blog on the 30th ;)

Oct 14th. Day 287.
I think the spiders are hinting that my bird feeder has been empty too long! haha 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

October 2015 // Days 274 - 280

Oct 1st. Day 274.
Morning trip to our current fave play ground. Dew cover grass in the morning light and all!

Oct 2nd. Day 275.
The day the sickness hit! Today my breathing/sinuses etc decided they hated me even more than usual haha! But Jake had got me this gingerbread biscuit and I really wanted to eat it, so I did but I couldn't taste it at all :/

Oct 3rd. Day 276.
Can anything more exciting than a Disney Movie Reward pop through your letter box?! I'm glad this arrived this morning more than ever for me to be able to photograph as otherwise I doubt I'd of been able to get a photo. Around midday my illness got even worse and I was laid in bed unable to move because of blinding pain in my head, major nausea, a crazy cough and nose issues. It doesn't really sound that bad, but I thought I was dying. I get ill quite often due to my immune system but I haven't felt that ill in years.

Oct 4th. Day 277.
This has been my life for the past 2 days and that gingerbread biscuit was one of the last things I've manged to eat. 

Oct 5th. Day 278.
I managed to stand up without my brain spinning!! And so had to get some work done with being so behind. Here's a peek at the NEW prints coming to the store soon.

Oct 6th. Day 279.
First lighting of the fire of the year!

Oct 7th. Day 280.
Back to our favorite hideaway for some puppy playtime in the autumn rain. Just look at all those pretty colours! 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

September 2015 // Days 267 - 273

Sept 24th. Day 267.
For someone who is petrified of spiders and moths/butterflies, I'm unsure as to why a creature that is pretty much a combination of them both doesn't bother me more!

Sept 25th. Day 268.
Thanks to this I lost 3 hours worth of video editing.

Sept 26th. Day 269.
A little trip to get the car checked out turned into a visit to my uncles and a lunch catch up with Laura in Whitley Bay. It was weird weather -warm but hazy looking which made photographing St Mary's Lighthouse more difficult than it should have been. 

Sept 27th. Day 270.
The food of champions! I'm trying hard the end of this/next month to rectify my eating habits as my health and appearance are suffering. I am anemic as well as having many other deficiencies/issues so alongside cutting out as much fat, oil etc as possible I will be starting on B12 supplements this week. Fingers crossed it helps!

 Sept 28th. Day 271.
Although it was yesterday that the cool moon stuff was going down, I get up for work at 6 so was I heck getting up any earlier to see if it was visible from my house. Anyways, tonight's moon was pretty awesome too! It was quite big and the way the clouds were made it feel very Halloweeny!

Sept 29th. Day 272.
After a Tuesday town visit with Mam, I gave her a mini photography lesson and got her to take some photos of me for an upcoming blog post. After we'd gotten those, it was still a while until Mam's bus home so we sat watching the birds and snapping some more different shots. The tone of the sun was gorgeous! 

Sept 30th. Day 273.
While in Blyth on Saturday we'd stopped off at Jolleys to grab Bakers Xmas gift (or the main one anyways) and at the checkout I spotted a freezer with this special doggy safe frozen yogurt! I let little man try it tonight and he was so obsessed with it that he had a mini temper tantrum when I wouldnt let him finish the full pot!