Thursday, 17 September 2015

September 2015 // Days 253 - 259

Sept 10th. Day 253.
Today, the new member of the family joined us. (Pre-wash so excuse the muddy tummy)

Sept 11th. Day 254.
Because we have said family member now, we took advantage and went for our 2nd family run in the country. (Baker, my Dad and I actually went out yesterday for the 1st one!)
Baker adores the river here andEtal castle is pretty awesome too. We plan to head back out and pay to go in as dogs on leads are actually allowed in too - yay!

Sept 12th. Day 255.
New juice cup and heading up to bed the light made it look extra Halloween-y!

Sept 13th. Day 256.
Getting some photos taken for my upcoming quarterly collective haul on the other blog! I love this little guy and you'd never guess how much I paid for him!

Sept 14th. Day 257.
Letting Baker out for his wee before bed time and this little guy greeted us at the door. Now he can chill in my front garden all he wants, but I'd appreciate him telling his friends not to eat my plants through the back :P

Sept 15th. Day 258.
I took this photo at about 8pm. I had started this upload at 6.10am that day. Little did I know it was going to take until 6.22am the next morning to complete!! What ever you do - don't go with Talk Talk. We've been with them (not out o choice) for almost 4 years and have always had issues.
If you want to see the video that it was uploading, click here.

Sept 16th. Day 259.
Poorly Mammy and a busy few days led to sofa snuggles with this handsome lad today!


  1. Thats a good looking car! Doggie cuddles are the best! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. That last shot of Baker is extra adorable. You must be happy to have the car now too, and the shot of the castle is stunning! Love the Halloween cup too, the light does make it look like it's already October now! - Tasha

  3. I love the second photo! So beautiful :)

    Lauren x

  4. Baker is looking gorgeous in that last photo! Also, that snail shot, that's pretty darn awesome :)


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