Thursday, 3 September 2015

August - September 2015 // Days 239 - 245

August 27th. Day 239.
It was actually dark when I went to bed tonight! 

August 28th. Day 240.
Beach visits have been few and far between with summer as, despite there being 4 beaches within walking distance, they are always full of dog walkers and holiday makers. We timed it right to get a little play with one of Bakers birthday toys before someone arrived and we had to leave. He loves the beach so much, so I'll look forward to winter walkies where no one else bothers to take their dogs out ;)

August 29th. Day 241.
A walk without Baker?! Mam and I had a little wander over to town together in the gorgeous sun. Around the walls, a peek in the Barracks and a visit to the graveyard where we found a very old stone that could be related to us...I need to get back onto the ancestry journey to find out more.

August 30th. Day 242.
Yes. Another sky. Sorry not sorry.

August 31st. Day 243.
A bank holiday Monday well spent! Today was the first day of my 9 days off from work, after having worked 155 days in a row! Not sure if I've mentioned that before ;) haha Jake, Baker and I had a lovely walk in the sun to the garden centre then stopped of for a run about at a secret location! 

September 1st. Day 244.
Back to Hogwarts.

September 2nd. Day 245.
On our trip to the garden centre the other day, Baker's daddy treated him to another new toy ahah. This is a 4 foot snake, with a rattle in it's tail and little man has been loving it!!


  1. The moon photo is a great shot! OK, all the photos are great, but that one and one of the bridge and the sky, they extra great :)

    And Bakers cutie face, can't get enough of that.

  2. The picture of the moon is amazing!!! Great shot! What kind of settings did you use for that?

  3. That shot of the is just stunning Danielle and I love the one of you all together, so sweet! I never get tired of seeing a good sky photo - especially when they look as good as that! - Tasha


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