Thursday, 24 September 2015

September 2015 // Days 260 - 266

Sept 17th. Day 260.
Baker and I took a run out in the car to our little secret spot and enjoyed our magical kingdom from a different angle. Just around the river bend ( ;P ) on the right hand side of the photo, just out of shot, is where our house is. 

Sept 18th. Day 261.
I finally got around to photographing and adding two new prints to my Etsy store! Come take a peek

Sept 19th. Day 262.
Generic dandelion shot. 

Sept 20th. Day 263.
For the 2nd time this year, I forgot to take a photo. I've been having a bit of a down week and a bit and after filming this Tuesday's video, it completely slipped my mind. Let's hope it's the 2nd and last time I do that!

Sept 21st. Day 264. 
This game is taking over my life. I've not had a phone where I can get apps or games for a looonnng time so now that I do I got a little carried away and got one of the soul (and time) sucking games that I love but knew would take over. 

Sept 22nd. Day 265.
Just another pretty sky. No big deal. Okay, big deal - mother nature is beautiful!

Sept 23rd. Day 266.
The things you pass on your walk home from work. Stop to smell the roses guys...just look first so you don't disturb the locals.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

September 2015 // Days 253 - 259

Sept 10th. Day 253.
Today, the new member of the family joined us. (Pre-wash so excuse the muddy tummy)

Sept 11th. Day 254.
Because we have said family member now, we took advantage and went for our 2nd family run in the country. (Baker, my Dad and I actually went out yesterday for the 1st one!)
Baker adores the river here andEtal castle is pretty awesome too. We plan to head back out and pay to go in as dogs on leads are actually allowed in too - yay!

Sept 12th. Day 255.
New juice cup and heading up to bed the light made it look extra Halloween-y!

Sept 13th. Day 256.
Getting some photos taken for my upcoming quarterly collective haul on the other blog! I love this little guy and you'd never guess how much I paid for him!

Sept 14th. Day 257.
Letting Baker out for his wee before bed time and this little guy greeted us at the door. Now he can chill in my front garden all he wants, but I'd appreciate him telling his friends not to eat my plants through the back :P

Sept 15th. Day 258.
I took this photo at about 8pm. I had started this upload at 6.10am that day. Little did I know it was going to take until 6.22am the next morning to complete!! What ever you do - don't go with Talk Talk. We've been with them (not out o choice) for almost 4 years and have always had issues.
If you want to see the video that it was uploading, click here.

Sept 16th. Day 259.
Poorly Mammy and a busy few days led to sofa snuggles with this handsome lad today!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

September 2015 // Days 246 - 252

Sept 3rd. Day 246.
Getting all packed up and ready for a day away together tomorrow...

Sept 4th. Day 247.
4 years Jake and I have been together officially, today. We took the opportunity to get away for the day. A little caravan trip had been organized but I thought it'd bee too much money and cancelled last minute, replacing it with just one day away to Alnwick - the Alnwick Gardens to be exact. We had an amazing time, took lots of photos and played lots with the GoPro!

Sept 5th. Day 248.
Mam and I took an early morning walk over to the pier to go Dolphin spotting...with no luck, surprise, surprise. There were plenty of birds though! Can you spot the Eider between the Seagulls and Cormorants? 

Sept 6th. Day 249.
While watering the plants, Baker spotted this guy in his pool! We fished him out, laid him in a sunny spot (with a little picking from my dying Pansys for shade) and a spoon full of sugar water. Thankfully it worked and after an hour or so, all of which Baker sat and watched from the window, it flew away :)

Sept 7th. Day 250.
Chocolate <3

Sept 8th. Day 251.
It's socks and fleecy PJ weather again...

Sept 9th. Day 252.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

August - September 2015 // Days 239 - 245

August 27th. Day 239.
It was actually dark when I went to bed tonight! 

August 28th. Day 240.
Beach visits have been few and far between with summer as, despite there being 4 beaches within walking distance, they are always full of dog walkers and holiday makers. We timed it right to get a little play with one of Bakers birthday toys before someone arrived and we had to leave. He loves the beach so much, so I'll look forward to winter walkies where no one else bothers to take their dogs out ;)

August 29th. Day 241.
A walk without Baker?! Mam and I had a little wander over to town together in the gorgeous sun. Around the walls, a peek in the Barracks and a visit to the graveyard where we found a very old stone that could be related to us...I need to get back onto the ancestry journey to find out more.

August 30th. Day 242.
Yes. Another sky. Sorry not sorry.

August 31st. Day 243.
A bank holiday Monday well spent! Today was the first day of my 9 days off from work, after having worked 155 days in a row! Not sure if I've mentioned that before ;) haha Jake, Baker and I had a lovely walk in the sun to the garden centre then stopped of for a run about at a secret location! 

September 1st. Day 244.
Back to Hogwarts.

September 2nd. Day 245.
On our trip to the garden centre the other day, Baker's daddy treated him to another new toy ahah. This is a 4 foot snake, with a rattle in it's tail and little man has been loving it!!