Thursday, 6 August 2015

July/ August 2015 // Days 211 - 217

July 30th. Day 211.
What a lovely walk we had with Claire today to start off our week (well our week in photos as it starts on a Thursday!). I think this could of been the first tractor Baker has encountered up close and he loved watching it. We then had another first for him and visited the Garden Centre - he was SOOO well behaved!!! (Video from this day coming on Saturday 8th, subscribe so you don't miss it! :P)

July 31st. Day 212. 
You should know that usually when you see a sky photo from me it means that I've either done nothing today, or forgotten to take a photo until bedtime...

August 1st. Day 213. 
I ordered these Emma Bridgewater mugs for Mam and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary (because everything silver was tacky and Mam had bust her old 'Mrs' mug that I got her a few years back) and today as I was up at their house to fix the printer, I got to see them. Pretty eh?

August 2nd. Day 214. 
A lovely lemon candle.

August 3rd. Day 215. 
I got impatient and couldn't help but order Baker's birthday gifts from Barks and Bunnies. They arrived today and this was Bakers reaction to not being allowed to open it just yet as he knew exactly what it was!

August 4th. Day 216.
Sending a parcel to the Caribbean isn't as easy as you'd think. After buying a box that was too big, buying a smaller box, packing it all up and weighing it...I was told that I had to split it into two parcels as it weighed 2.3kg when they only ship things under 2kg internationally. All of the stress and £30 later, my prizes are finally on the way to my giveaway winner!! :D

August 5th. Day 217.
For some reason I decided to take my camera on my walk to work this morning. It just so happened that the pilot boat was guiding a ship into the docks, so that was pretty cool to watch. I guess it also gives you an idea of my view every morning!


  1. Baker's little face makes me so happy! Super excited for the video - can't wait to see it. :)


  2. Aw my little Baker wants his pressie bless him <3

  3. Awww Baker is so, so cute! I love that shot of the sky as well, and I can definitely relate to sending parcels overseas, it always seems so easy and then it's like a mountain of things! Love the way you've packaged it all though, so cute! - Tasha

  4. I should start taking more photos of skies when I forget, my go to photo is food haha!

  5. Ooooh I love those mugs! And that view on your way to work is beautiful, I love living near water :) and baker is damn cute, as always. Can I come visit you in your picturesque home town please?! :'D

  6. A great week apart from the post office malarkey! Hope Baker loves his birthday presents :) x


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