Thursday, 20 August 2015

August 2015 // Days 225 - 231

August 13th. Day 225.
Although you can see from the photo that it's a beautiful day, it's actually been a little stressful. There is a missing dog in our area and, though I don't even know it or the owners, I've not been able to sleep and so been out for hours looking. After popping home and then coming back out with Baker we spotted him by this bridge and almost had him but he took off when someone else tried to grab him. The owner arrived and they went after him but I decided to stay put for about 25mins incase he doubled back. Waiting isn't Baker favorite thing so he went for a play in the river.

August 14th. Day 226.
Nothing more satisfying than watching the birds tuck into the food you put out for them, especially when it's rubbish weather.

August 15th. Day 227.
Caught the bridge in it's Rainbow form tonight.

August 16th. Day 228.
I love these guys. I stop to say hello most days - even if people give me funny looks for speaking to birds. Today however, I was walking home with my camera and saw a man with 2 labradors on leads. He purposely took them to the left of these gates where it is open and let his dogs lean over the edge to scare the swans. So I marched over with my camera and he soon wandered off - obviously didn't want to be caught being a nasty man on camera!
If you can spy them in the background, some of the Mallards have ventured back too!

August 17th. Day 229.
I know it's another photo of this bridge - but the SKY! Also, I know I said in a previous post when you see this view it's because I didn't have another photo. But today I actually did! I just had to show you how amazing the sunset was.

 August 18th. Day 230.
Excuse the rubbish excuse for a photo. This is actually a still I accidentally took while filming my 'Day in the Life' video today. I wouldn't of used it but apparently I forgot to take any other photos at all! Plus, I was quite chuffed that I was posting an order all the way to the US!

August 19th. Day 231.
A fun filled day of blog work, video editing and replying to comments. This morning after I finished work however I fancied cereal and only had Weetabix. Therefore I met Mam before she went to work so I could pick up some Weetos Meteors!! YUM.


  1. I really love the photos of the bridge!! Very pretty!

  2. OH WOW that sky is incredible! You are so good with a camera it makes me very jealous.

    Wild Bear x

  3. These are fab photos! The sky looks amazing and the rainbow bridge looks great too.
    Also a fan of the weetos :D


  4. I haven't had Wheetos in years!! Also that sunset is gorgeous! I love them, but I always struggle a bit to get the colours right in the photo - a little post editing usually helps but I'm always disappointed when I can's capture it myself.


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