Thursday, 13 August 2015

August 2015 // Days 218 - 224

August 6th. Day 218.
My Mam was off work poorly today so Baker and I walked up to keep her company. These had arrived the day previously and because I'm me, I had to photograph them to cement the excitement.

August 7th. Day 219.
Because Baker is such a dude at going to the garden centre now and all of my sunflowers died, we went back today and got a new plant to train up my fence. It apparently will spread to 6 foot by 4 foot, so should look good when I get a better planter for it. We may or may not of also picked up more gifts for little man's 3rd birthday and met a lovely lady who complimented his behavior and told us about her collie!

August 8th. Day 220.
Today Jake went fishing with Dad meaning I had the house to myself. That means two things. I have the TV/Xbox to myself and I can film videos, so we (Baker and I) filmed my Disney Show and Tell! You can find it here!

August 9th. Day 221.
There is a whole bunch of wild purple poppies growing across the road from me. Today Mam and Dad came to help Jake and I tidy up the gardens (pull weeds etc) because I don't feel comfortable going in my front garden with my anxiety and neighbors haha. I couldn't really get a photo of the garden so thought I'd take this one through the gate instead.

August 10th. Day 222.
It finally arrived. Jake and I have wanted a GoPro since we started seeing each other, especially when he skated as he borrowed one from a friend and stuff. They're pretty expensive though so that never happened obviously. However, I decided to get this in time for Baker's birthday and especially our London trip in December. Long story short this is the first thing I have gotten on finance and the main reason for this is I have NO credit rating. I've never had anything on finance, had a credit card or taken out a loan and really never wanted to, so this was a easy way to build up my credit rating in time for getting a mortgage in the next 5-10 years. Hopefully.

 August 11th. Day 223.
Teeth brushing is heading into over obsession with my root canal getting closer and closer...

August 12th. Day 224.
Doesn't this make you think of Alice in Wonderland?! It was a golden afternoon in my parents garden today and the giant daisies were in full bloom.


  1. Aw, the giant daisy photo is my favourite! I'm jealous of the GoPro, I've wanted one for ages but realistically I don't need a third camera. I barely use my DSLR as it is, so I should probably get to grips with that first.

    I always love your photos, you're so talented.

    Wild Bear x

  2. DISNEY! Yes, I love it. Hope you guys enjoy the gopro :)
    Jas }

  3. Beautiful photos. Enjoy the gopro. I don't have one, but I've heard wonderful things.

  4. I loved the new video! I really enjoy your videos, more that the other "popular" youtubers. There's just something nice about them :) I hope you continue to make them, becauseI want to watch them and I'm selfish like that haha

  5. I love the GoPro, they're amazing! I desperately want one so need to save up. My friend has one and her shots always come out brilliantly. I love that shot of the Daisies too, they're so pretty. - Tasha


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