Thursday, 27 August 2015

August 2015 // Days 232 - 238

August 20th. Day 232.
Every time I change our bed, you can guarantee this lad comes to test it out. He brought bear with him too today.
Fun fact - I strongly dislike changing the bed.

August 21st. Day 233.
So although Baker's birthday isn't until Wednesday everyone will be working except me and so I wanted to open his gifts today for everyone to be able to be there! Here is a peek at what he got in his Forage box from Barks & Bunnies...see his opening video on my YouTube on Saturday!

August 22nd. Day 234.
My good friend Laura drove up from Newcastle today, picked me up and then we drove up to spend the day in Edinburgh. It was a great time together and although I forgot that the Fringe was still on and I had a panic attack while walking through the crowds, we got to enjoy some of the street performances and even paid Mary King's Close a last minute visit. 
(Ps. Due to the crowds I didn't bother to get my camera out and so this is a print screen from the GoPro...sorry)

August 23rd. Day 235.
This doesn't need a caption.

August 24th. Day 236.
So my Dad got me a new phone... Before you say anything I didn't ask for it and I'm not spoiled. It cost less than some people's monthly phone contract bills, but my Samsung Galaxy Y cut off or turned people into robots when on a phone call so now I can stay in contact with Mam, Dad and Jake without wondering if it's going to cut off mid call or not.

August 25th. Day 237.
1 day to go... It seem a chunk of these photos have just been Baker's Birthday themed, but I'd have it no other way. Each year I hand make a birthday banner to photograph him next to and this year these were the colours I chose.

August 26th. Day 238.
And here he is. The man himself on his big day, and of course National Dog Day! Isn't he just perfect?

Thursday, 20 August 2015

August 2015 // Days 225 - 231

August 13th. Day 225.
Although you can see from the photo that it's a beautiful day, it's actually been a little stressful. There is a missing dog in our area and, though I don't even know it or the owners, I've not been able to sleep and so been out for hours looking. After popping home and then coming back out with Baker we spotted him by this bridge and almost had him but he took off when someone else tried to grab him. The owner arrived and they went after him but I decided to stay put for about 25mins incase he doubled back. Waiting isn't Baker favorite thing so he went for a play in the river.

August 14th. Day 226.
Nothing more satisfying than watching the birds tuck into the food you put out for them, especially when it's rubbish weather.

August 15th. Day 227.
Caught the bridge in it's Rainbow form tonight.

August 16th. Day 228.
I love these guys. I stop to say hello most days - even if people give me funny looks for speaking to birds. Today however, I was walking home with my camera and saw a man with 2 labradors on leads. He purposely took them to the left of these gates where it is open and let his dogs lean over the edge to scare the swans. So I marched over with my camera and he soon wandered off - obviously didn't want to be caught being a nasty man on camera!
If you can spy them in the background, some of the Mallards have ventured back too!

August 17th. Day 229.
I know it's another photo of this bridge - but the SKY! Also, I know I said in a previous post when you see this view it's because I didn't have another photo. But today I actually did! I just had to show you how amazing the sunset was.

 August 18th. Day 230.
Excuse the rubbish excuse for a photo. This is actually a still I accidentally took while filming my 'Day in the Life' video today. I wouldn't of used it but apparently I forgot to take any other photos at all! Plus, I was quite chuffed that I was posting an order all the way to the US!

August 19th. Day 231.
A fun filled day of blog work, video editing and replying to comments. This morning after I finished work however I fancied cereal and only had Weetabix. Therefore I met Mam before she went to work so I could pick up some Weetos Meteors!! YUM.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

August 2015 // Days 218 - 224

August 6th. Day 218.
My Mam was off work poorly today so Baker and I walked up to keep her company. These had arrived the day previously and because I'm me, I had to photograph them to cement the excitement.

August 7th. Day 219.
Because Baker is such a dude at going to the garden centre now and all of my sunflowers died, we went back today and got a new plant to train up my fence. It apparently will spread to 6 foot by 4 foot, so should look good when I get a better planter for it. We may or may not of also picked up more gifts for little man's 3rd birthday and met a lovely lady who complimented his behavior and told us about her collie!

August 8th. Day 220.
Today Jake went fishing with Dad meaning I had the house to myself. That means two things. I have the TV/Xbox to myself and I can film videos, so we (Baker and I) filmed my Disney Show and Tell! You can find it here!

August 9th. Day 221.
There is a whole bunch of wild purple poppies growing across the road from me. Today Mam and Dad came to help Jake and I tidy up the gardens (pull weeds etc) because I don't feel comfortable going in my front garden with my anxiety and neighbors haha. I couldn't really get a photo of the garden so thought I'd take this one through the gate instead.

August 10th. Day 222.
It finally arrived. Jake and I have wanted a GoPro since we started seeing each other, especially when he skated as he borrowed one from a friend and stuff. They're pretty expensive though so that never happened obviously. However, I decided to get this in time for Baker's birthday and especially our London trip in December. Long story short this is the first thing I have gotten on finance and the main reason for this is I have NO credit rating. I've never had anything on finance, had a credit card or taken out a loan and really never wanted to, so this was a easy way to build up my credit rating in time for getting a mortgage in the next 5-10 years. Hopefully.

 August 11th. Day 223.
Teeth brushing is heading into over obsession with my root canal getting closer and closer...

August 12th. Day 224.
Doesn't this make you think of Alice in Wonderland?! It was a golden afternoon in my parents garden today and the giant daisies were in full bloom.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

July/ August 2015 // Days 211 - 217

July 30th. Day 211.
What a lovely walk we had with Claire today to start off our week (well our week in photos as it starts on a Thursday!). I think this could of been the first tractor Baker has encountered up close and he loved watching it. We then had another first for him and visited the Garden Centre - he was SOOO well behaved!!! (Video from this day coming on Saturday 8th, subscribe so you don't miss it! :P)

July 31st. Day 212. 
You should know that usually when you see a sky photo from me it means that I've either done nothing today, or forgotten to take a photo until bedtime...

August 1st. Day 213. 
I ordered these Emma Bridgewater mugs for Mam and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary (because everything silver was tacky and Mam had bust her old 'Mrs' mug that I got her a few years back) and today as I was up at their house to fix the printer, I got to see them. Pretty eh?

August 2nd. Day 214. 
A lovely lemon candle.

August 3rd. Day 215. 
I got impatient and couldn't help but order Baker's birthday gifts from Barks and Bunnies. They arrived today and this was Bakers reaction to not being allowed to open it just yet as he knew exactly what it was!

August 4th. Day 216.
Sending a parcel to the Caribbean isn't as easy as you'd think. After buying a box that was too big, buying a smaller box, packing it all up and weighing it...I was told that I had to split it into two parcels as it weighed 2.3kg when they only ship things under 2kg internationally. All of the stress and £30 later, my prizes are finally on the way to my giveaway winner!! :D

August 5th. Day 217.
For some reason I decided to take my camera on my walk to work this morning. It just so happened that the pilot boat was guiding a ship into the docks, so that was pretty cool to watch. I guess it also gives you an idea of my view every morning!