Thursday, 30 July 2015

July 2015 // Days 204 - 210

July 23rd. Day 204.
Look how well my beautiful Pansys are doing! I grew these from seeds!! It may not be a big deal, but it's the first time I've grown flowers and I'm pretty chuffed with them :)

 July 24th. Day 205.
Today the Earth span backwards. What I mean by that is Jake turn into his own opposite and turned up at 7.45am outside of my work to go for a walk and take me to breakfast!! This is so unlike him...he's usually glued to his Xbox or at work, so it was lovely. I only wished that he'd thought to grab my camera. Anyways, we popped into the shops while we waited for the Cafe to open at 8.30 and he bought me this Unicorn ring holder (I don't own rings so I use them for other things) to go with my little collection on the dressing table.

July 25th. Day 206.
Today Jake and I had a walk up to my parents for a 'BBQ' and catch up as they just got back yesterday from their mini break away! It ended up not being the best weather so we ate inside but good food and getting to see my Nana was lovely. With working early mornings I get tired about 6pm and so a taxi came and took us home not long after some old family friends arrived.
I then spent an hour or two before bed finishing off my Sunday blog post in my newly adopted 'blogging spot'.

July 26th. Day 207.
What a highlight and great ending to Jake's week off from work. An adventure took a place I used to go on bike rides with my Dad and somewhere so beautiful/peaceful. Baker was able to play without worry of other dogs and swim in the river until we forced him to come out haha. The video from this little trip will be up on my YouTube next Tuesday!

July 27th. Day 208.
A very productive day indeed! 
(Funny thing is that after taking this I went straight to bed, forgetting to replace the pen caps and therefore waking up to dried out pens :/ boo! haha)

July 28th. Day 209.
Look at this handsome lad with his special sweetie from his Granny! I met Mam from work this evening to grab some stuff from the shop. We stopped for a coffee (well Mam did) and cake (for me) so had to take something home for my boy!
I've been struggling with the chest pain that is my costochondritis so the rest of the day was pretty chilled. Oh I uploaded this too.

July 29th. Day 210.
I forgot to mention that one of the main reasons we popped to the shop yesterday was to collect these beautiful cushions that Mam bought me! 


  1. Love the photos darl the one of Baker is so canny and the cusions look so smart :)

  2. Those flowers are really pretty and I LOVE the picture of the doggies!

  3. Lovely photos Danielle- I also like the little stories behind them. Oh the cushions are really nice & cute :D
    Jade xx

  4. Oooh, I'm impressed by your pansies! I have never grown anything, so you're way ahead of me haha!

  5. Well done on your green fingers, I'm hopeless with plants. Sounds like this was a lovely week all-in-all, save for the chest pains. How handsome is Baker looking by the way?! I daren't make to-do lists very often, I always get upset with how little gets crossed off! :) x


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