Thursday, 23 July 2015

July 2015 // Days 197 - 203

July 16th. Day 197.

July 17th. Day 198.
This is the lightest the rain has been all day. On the 10 minute walk home from work the rain managed to soak right through all of my clothes and shoes right to my skin, but for good measure a van purposely splashed me with a puddle. Luckily it only goes as far as the skin ;)

July 18th. Day 199.
We've had a whole array of young and older birds coming to feed from my homemade bird cakes, including a female blackbird and her baby who she still feeds and these starlings who had a little argument when they went to grab the same seed off the floor. You have no idea how lucky this timing was...!

July 19th. Day 200.
After the on off weather we've had lately, it was awesome when the sun came out today as Baker has been dying to get into his pool again! He had lots of fun splashing and throwing his toys in...until 45 minutes later and it started raining again. haha!

July 20th. Day 201.
Mam and Dad are away visiting our friends from down Walsall way. I had to go check the house today. We walked half way there and then realized I'd forgotten the key - face palm! Walked home, got key, hopped on the bus then made the most if being there to have a bath. Pop over to the blog facebook page to see what Baker likes to do when I'm in the bath!

July 21st. Day 202.
It's been a while, but Baker and I met up with our friend Claire today! I'd bought the 'Treasure Trails' trail for Berwick and so we took the opportunity to finally do it and it was so much fun. I love doing them, watch out on my main blog for a post all about it. 

July 22nd. Day 203. 
Mam and Dad got back late last night and then are off again today for another couple nights away to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary (which was the 21st). I usually see them pretty often so to have a quick catch up I met them for breakfast this morning after I finished work then walked them to the station.
I also wish I'd managed to get a photo of the dog belonging to a lovely lady I met while walking home along the river. Usually older people are quite judgmental of my tattoos etc but she was lovely. We walked home together and she told me about her dog being a racing rescue. I wanted to make sure I wrote about it because I want to remember how sweet they were.


  1. Love your photographs and little descriptions :) those birds are having a right barney lol great moment captured! Still no Dolphins? X

  2. Cake is definitely a winner! I love meeting people that just want to chat and don't care about what you look like and all that rubbish. Kris and I were looking around a garden and there was a lovely man there that asked about my camera and we were talking about taking photos for fun. It was nice :) Not many people talk to me here.

  3. I can't get over how good that photo of the starlings fighting is. You could enter competitions with that I'm sure. I love this project idea, it will be so fun to look back on after the year is up xx

  4. Oh wow the birds photo is amazing! You are so talented and work so hard, so much respect for you! Also love the photos of the headstones, eerie things like that are my fave kinda photos! To take as well :) xo

  5. That squabbling starling photo is AWESOME!


  6. Those starlings having a barney are brilliant, looks like the feathers were really about to be flying!

    No week is complete without cake and Baker, wonderful :) x


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