Thursday, 16 July 2015

July 2015 // Days 190 - 196

July 9th. Day 190.
Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that my house is literally a 1 minute walk from this exact spot.

July 10th. Day 191.
We finally (only 10 months after moving into this place and after having a spare room in all of our 3 previous properties too) bought a guest bed! It arrived today and although it's not as pretty as it will be, it is soo comfy and now people can come and stay!

July 11th. Day 192.
My first orders on my Disney quote prints, that were also actually from people I didn't know, were placed today. It feels so good when people enjoy your work.

July 12th. Day 193.
Today was a looongg day. I was up for work at 6am, worked, walked home, got ready and then walked to the train station. We were heading to Newcastle to take part in our 5th Race for Life! It's not like we run or anything, we just walk but it's a little bit of a challenging day for me with having social anxiety and being among such a huge crowd. Anyways, we did it again and I think it was actually our best time yet - 5k in 47mins! (The clock says 55.29 as we didn't cross the start line until 8mins in.)
Afterwards we met up with Dad and I got to meet up with my best friend Laura, had a nice little shopping trip and picked up some more photo paper etc! haha

July 13th. Day 194.
Upon opening my front door this morning, I was greeted by this view. This makes me not happy - I wish the Seagulls would nest out where they're meant to and not near houses as it's dangerous if one decides to leave the nest like this because the parents tend to swoop or attack anyone nearby..ahh!
Luckily it was gone before I had to take Baker outside!

July 14th. Day 195.
My birthday present from Jake arrived! My birthday isn't until October FYI haha.

July 15th. Day 196.
The wild flower seeds I planted forever ago have been growing really well. This week though some flowers opened!


  1. Oh wow, you're so lucky to have that view! And amazing photo of it too :)

  2. I love the new layout Danielle, the colours are so bright and pretty! Your guest bedroom looks amazing as well - I love those wildlife themed pillows. There are so many seagull chicks in town at the moment and the parents are so protective I've seen a few passers by nearly getting dive bombed! Love all of these as always and I'm so glad your prints are doing well too, that's awesome! - Tasha

  3. Well done on doing Race For Life and for more customers. Love those cushions in your spare room too :)

    I have 2 favourite photos this'll never guess has a dog in and one is purple! ;) xox


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