Thursday, 30 July 2015

July 2015 // Days 204 - 210

July 23rd. Day 204.
Look how well my beautiful Pansys are doing! I grew these from seeds!! It may not be a big deal, but it's the first time I've grown flowers and I'm pretty chuffed with them :)

 July 24th. Day 205.
Today the Earth span backwards. What I mean by that is Jake turn into his own opposite and turned up at 7.45am outside of my work to go for a walk and take me to breakfast!! This is so unlike him...he's usually glued to his Xbox or at work, so it was lovely. I only wished that he'd thought to grab my camera. Anyways, we popped into the shops while we waited for the Cafe to open at 8.30 and he bought me this Unicorn ring holder (I don't own rings so I use them for other things) to go with my little collection on the dressing table.

July 25th. Day 206.
Today Jake and I had a walk up to my parents for a 'BBQ' and catch up as they just got back yesterday from their mini break away! It ended up not being the best weather so we ate inside but good food and getting to see my Nana was lovely. With working early mornings I get tired about 6pm and so a taxi came and took us home not long after some old family friends arrived.
I then spent an hour or two before bed finishing off my Sunday blog post in my newly adopted 'blogging spot'.

July 26th. Day 207.
What a highlight and great ending to Jake's week off from work. An adventure took a place I used to go on bike rides with my Dad and somewhere so beautiful/peaceful. Baker was able to play without worry of other dogs and swim in the river until we forced him to come out haha. The video from this little trip will be up on my YouTube next Tuesday!

July 27th. Day 208.
A very productive day indeed! 
(Funny thing is that after taking this I went straight to bed, forgetting to replace the pen caps and therefore waking up to dried out pens :/ boo! haha)

July 28th. Day 209.
Look at this handsome lad with his special sweetie from his Granny! I met Mam from work this evening to grab some stuff from the shop. We stopped for a coffee (well Mam did) and cake (for me) so had to take something home for my boy!
I've been struggling with the chest pain that is my costochondritis so the rest of the day was pretty chilled. Oh I uploaded this too.

July 29th. Day 210.
I forgot to mention that one of the main reasons we popped to the shop yesterday was to collect these beautiful cushions that Mam bought me! 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

July 2015 // Days 197 - 203

July 16th. Day 197.

July 17th. Day 198.
This is the lightest the rain has been all day. On the 10 minute walk home from work the rain managed to soak right through all of my clothes and shoes right to my skin, but for good measure a van purposely splashed me with a puddle. Luckily it only goes as far as the skin ;)

July 18th. Day 199.
We've had a whole array of young and older birds coming to feed from my homemade bird cakes, including a female blackbird and her baby who she still feeds and these starlings who had a little argument when they went to grab the same seed off the floor. You have no idea how lucky this timing was...!

July 19th. Day 200.
After the on off weather we've had lately, it was awesome when the sun came out today as Baker has been dying to get into his pool again! He had lots of fun splashing and throwing his toys in...until 45 minutes later and it started raining again. haha!

July 20th. Day 201.
Mam and Dad are away visiting our friends from down Walsall way. I had to go check the house today. We walked half way there and then realized I'd forgotten the key - face palm! Walked home, got key, hopped on the bus then made the most if being there to have a bath. Pop over to the blog facebook page to see what Baker likes to do when I'm in the bath!

July 21st. Day 202.
It's been a while, but Baker and I met up with our friend Claire today! I'd bought the 'Treasure Trails' trail for Berwick and so we took the opportunity to finally do it and it was so much fun. I love doing them, watch out on my main blog for a post all about it. 

July 22nd. Day 203. 
Mam and Dad got back late last night and then are off again today for another couple nights away to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary (which was the 21st). I usually see them pretty often so to have a quick catch up I met them for breakfast this morning after I finished work then walked them to the station.
I also wish I'd managed to get a photo of the dog belonging to a lovely lady I met while walking home along the river. Usually older people are quite judgmental of my tattoos etc but she was lovely. We walked home together and she told me about her dog being a racing rescue. I wanted to make sure I wrote about it because I want to remember how sweet they were.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

July 2015 // Days 190 - 196

July 9th. Day 190.
Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that my house is literally a 1 minute walk from this exact spot.

July 10th. Day 191.
We finally (only 10 months after moving into this place and after having a spare room in all of our 3 previous properties too) bought a guest bed! It arrived today and although it's not as pretty as it will be, it is soo comfy and now people can come and stay!

July 11th. Day 192.
My first orders on my Disney quote prints, that were also actually from people I didn't know, were placed today. It feels so good when people enjoy your work.

July 12th. Day 193.
Today was a looongg day. I was up for work at 6am, worked, walked home, got ready and then walked to the train station. We were heading to Newcastle to take part in our 5th Race for Life! It's not like we run or anything, we just walk but it's a little bit of a challenging day for me with having social anxiety and being among such a huge crowd. Anyways, we did it again and I think it was actually our best time yet - 5k in 47mins! (The clock says 55.29 as we didn't cross the start line until 8mins in.)
Afterwards we met up with Dad and I got to meet up with my best friend Laura, had a nice little shopping trip and picked up some more photo paper etc! haha

July 13th. Day 194.
Upon opening my front door this morning, I was greeted by this view. This makes me not happy - I wish the Seagulls would nest out where they're meant to and not near houses as it's dangerous if one decides to leave the nest like this because the parents tend to swoop or attack anyone nearby..ahh!
Luckily it was gone before I had to take Baker outside!

July 14th. Day 195.
My birthday present from Jake arrived! My birthday isn't until October FYI haha.

July 15th. Day 196.
The wild flower seeds I planted forever ago have been growing really well. This week though some flowers opened!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

July 2015 // Days 183 - 189

July 2nd. Day 183.
I'll never know why but Thursday photos are always the most difficult to get. Today it got to past bedtime and I still hadn't gotten a photo, so here, this is my bedside table.

July 3rd. Day 184.
A touch of gardening (by my Mam because I'm too scared to hurt the plants) today. The two small pots house my Pansies that I've grown myself from seeds, the pot on the left are a wildflower mix of seeds and the bigger plant in the back is a Penstemon apparently!

July 4th. Day 185.
Drip, drip, drop little Ju-ly showers...?

July 5th. Day 186.
Today's little birdy visitor. A juvenile female blackbird if I'm right in thinking.

July 6th. Day 187.
Homemade margarita pizza from scratch.

July 7th. Day 188.
I'm not a trainspotter, but if I were my spare room window has the perfect view. According to the signs on the train when I zoomed in it is 'Sir Nigel Gresley' from the 'A4 Locomotive Society LTD'. Whatever it is, I wish this is what all trains looked like these days.

July 8th. Day 189.
Working on some new prints for the Etsy store!! These are available to buy from only £3.00 here!!! 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

June 2015 // Days 176 - 182

 June 25th. Day 176.
I mentioned the Swallow fledglings that are learning to fly in a post a week or so ago and on today's park visit I managed to (kind of) get a photo of them. Swallows, House Martins, Sand Martins etc are sooo super duper fast!

June 26th. Day 177.
For some reason this evening before bed I decided I would completely gut my wardrobes. Baker was bored by the whole thing.

June 27th. Day 178.
I printed some new card sets today! They're now live on my Etsy so check them out!

June 28th. Day 179.
My Mam makes the best cake.

June 29th. Day 180.
Today marks a new start (yet again). Some of you many know I have a bad relationship with eating, weight and the like and yet again I'm trying to adjust my food intake. However this time it is more so for the sake of my teeth as I'm having to go in for a root canal and my first ever fillings soon. Despite there being a photo of cake in this post I am trying super hard to cut down on sugar and a lot of processed foods.

June 30th. Day 181.
Summer has definitely hit now and the heat was so unbearable for little man today that we had to keep the blinds and curtains shut to try and cool the room.

July 1st. Day 182.
After yesterday's warmth and the fact that today was apparently meant to be the hottest day in 9 years, I popped straight to Argos to be there for it opening so I could get Baker a new swimming pool and a fan for our bedroom. It turned out that it wasn't as hot as yesterday but I'm still glad we have them.