Thursday, 25 June 2015

June 2015 // Days 169 - 175

 June 18th. Day 169.
I've taken this photo so many times that you are probably sick of it. But every night I go and look out of our spare room window and appreciate the area I live. The sky is never the same two days in a row.

 June 19th. Day 170.
Beach day!! The tide was right out today so not much water for swimming in. However he did still get to paddle and Mam and I even did too. I don't like taking any of his toys to the beach anymore as we've lost a couple of expensive ones when he's decided not to fetch it back from the sea, so instead he likes to play with stones...
I was a little gutted we lost this one amongst the seaweed as it was the perfect size and shape to take home and paint his name on.

June 20th. Day 171.
After work this morning Mam met me and we had a dog free walk along the pier...'dolphin spotting'. Of course, we had no luck. It feels like I'm the only person in this town to of not seen them yet but we did have a few different birds and ducks keep us company, including this little guy who I think is a Water Pipit.

June 21st. Day 172.
My reading game has been weak lately. I need to try harder.

 June 22nd. Day 173.
With hardly any food in the house and an online food shop not being done yet, the man of the house decided this was tea. (Mine was the tiny one :P)

June 23rd. Day 174.
I know exactly what it's like to be starting out on a little business venture and wanting to make money from doing something you love to do. So when I saw these super cute little guys I just had to support the lovely Colette and her perfectly sweet Inked Hibiscus Designs. They arrived today :)

June 24th. Day 175.
I always find it strange but beautiful when flowers like these grow in the most weird of places.


  1. Oh wow I love that first shot Danielle - I'm a total cloud appreciator so I love it! The little octopus keyrings are so cute too, definitely going across to check out more! Lovely shot of the Water Pipit as well. - Tasha

  2. Beautiful photos :) I've lost count of the number of balls Stella has left behind in fields and ditches, but, she does pick up neglected ones to bring home too so I think she believes she's helping out! There was a lady on the radio talking about painting pebbles this week, I'm sure you'll find another lovely paintable one soon :)

    Sorry I'm late as always! xox


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