Thursday, 11 June 2015

May 2015 // Days 155 - 161

May 4th. Day 155.
This is Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island. If you are Catholic you may of heard of it and it's a rather beautiful and popular tourist spot with history dating back to the 6th Century!! It is a tidal island meaning that it can only be reached by car when the tide is out - so make sure to double check the tide times if you're planning to visit.
We got to visit with our friends who were up and Baker even got to have a swim in the sea just to the right of where the photo was taken. 

May 5th. Day 156.
This was the penultimate night before our friends went home, so we all went to my parents for a BBQ and Baker got to have lots of fun playing with his friend Bell. When they went to get in the car to go home Baker was seeing them off from the door before running to the wall where I thought he was going to stand and watch.  But nope! For the first time ever the monkey leaped over the wall and ran straight to Bell to get into the car with her!!

May 6th. Day 157.
Oops! Never in this project have I had 2 of Baker in one week (I think) let alone consecutively - apologies.
Anyways, it seems this is the only photo I took today and it was cute. I was dismantling my studio as we were moving into our 'summer living room' and someone decided the carry case looked a comfy place to sleep!

 May 7th. Day 158.
Internet failures. Yet again. 24 hours of issues. NOT HAPPY.

May 8th. Day 159.
I thought I'd take the new camera with me on our walk to the park today to see what we could see. There wasn't much in the way of wildlife but we took some dandelion and wild flower photos for possible card ideas.

May 9th. Day 160.
I've been finally going through the plastic storage boxes of stuff to sell and getting it photographed and put up for sale. So this morning I took to my wardrobe and grabbed a couple of unworn or worn once items to get up too.
You can check out my wares here, on my Blog Sale!

May 10th. Day 161.
My Vans x Disney order arrived! :) Oh and at my dentist appointment I was told I have to have a root canal :(


  1. I love these photos...especially the doggy photos!! :)

  2. Ah a love the photo of Baker and Bell ( good pals) also the dandelion :)

  3. I love your photo of Lindisfarne Castle :) you can also walk out to the island when the tide is out, if you follow the wooden markers over the sand :) x I'll do it one day x Claire

  4. I looove your Vans stuff, especially the baseball/"raglan" tee :)
    x GNAR MOSH x

  5. Lovely shots of Baker, he's such a cutie! I love your Disney Vans gear too, so cool and cute! Lindisfarne looks amazing, I really need to go and visit some of these places and I hope your internet is sorted out and back to normal now. Sorry to hear about the tooth troubles - not a big fan of the dentist! Lovely photos as always, they always cheer me up! - Tasha


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