Thursday, 25 June 2015

June 2015 // Days 169 - 175

 June 18th. Day 169.
I've taken this photo so many times that you are probably sick of it. But every night I go and look out of our spare room window and appreciate the area I live. The sky is never the same two days in a row.

 June 19th. Day 170.
Beach day!! The tide was right out today so not much water for swimming in. However he did still get to paddle and Mam and I even did too. I don't like taking any of his toys to the beach anymore as we've lost a couple of expensive ones when he's decided not to fetch it back from the sea, so instead he likes to play with stones...
I was a little gutted we lost this one amongst the seaweed as it was the perfect size and shape to take home and paint his name on.

June 20th. Day 171.
After work this morning Mam met me and we had a dog free walk along the pier...'dolphin spotting'. Of course, we had no luck. It feels like I'm the only person in this town to of not seen them yet but we did have a few different birds and ducks keep us company, including this little guy who I think is a Water Pipit.

June 21st. Day 172.
My reading game has been weak lately. I need to try harder.

 June 22nd. Day 173.
With hardly any food in the house and an online food shop not being done yet, the man of the house decided this was tea. (Mine was the tiny one :P)

June 23rd. Day 174.
I know exactly what it's like to be starting out on a little business venture and wanting to make money from doing something you love to do. So when I saw these super cute little guys I just had to support the lovely Colette and her perfectly sweet Inked Hibiscus Designs. They arrived today :)

June 24th. Day 175.
I always find it strange but beautiful when flowers like these grow in the most weird of places.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

June 2015 // Days 162 - 168

June 11th. Day 162.
Such awesome weather calls for fun ways to cool down... I'm always stressing that this little guy is overheating because he loves to lay in the sun and ends up panting terribly. The last few years we've made these but until I get new lolly moulds ice cubes on a tray of cold water will have to do. He seemed to enjoy it which is the main thing.

June 12th. Day 163.
To celebrate getting my new camera I decided to offer some free photo shoots! I usually charge £30 for a 2 hour shoot with an online viewing album of the edited shots, but this time it was all 100% free and only £10 for digital copies of all the best edits.
Today the lovely Chloe and her awesome little star Max snapped up the offer and we had a fantastic time getting a range of shots in a secret garden, the park and the beach.
I still have spots open allll summer with the same offer, though the child/family portraits have been taken. Get in touch if you'd like pet portraits, model/actor portfolio and head shots or even just some fun photos of yourself for use on your blog!

 June 13th. Day 164.
Another migraine :( Early to bed.

 June 14th. Day 165.
After a lovely Sunday lunch at the parents house, a fab walk nature spotting on the way home was perfect.

June 15th. Day 166.
To add to my store alongside my cards, I thought motivational prints would be cool. It seems they are rather popular and cards are not! haha So look out for these two and many more designs going up in the coming weeks.
I'm also open to any quotes you may like to request and I'll see what photos I have (or can take) to go well with it.

June 16th. Day 167.
On Wednesday last week I eventually had my dental appointment after breaking a tooth weeks ago. After telling me I needed a root canal but unsuccessfully taking an xray (I apparently have an extreme gag reflex) they referred me to the infirmary to get x rayed at the radiology department. To my surprise I was given the copy to take away with me and this is it! It probably looks disgusting to any dentists or people who can read xrays but I don't think I do need a root canal! haha

June 17th. Day 168.
My Sunflowers are getting so big!!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

May 2015 // Days 155 - 161

May 4th. Day 155.
This is Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island. If you are Catholic you may of heard of it and it's a rather beautiful and popular tourist spot with history dating back to the 6th Century!! It is a tidal island meaning that it can only be reached by car when the tide is out - so make sure to double check the tide times if you're planning to visit.
We got to visit with our friends who were up and Baker even got to have a swim in the sea just to the right of where the photo was taken. 

May 5th. Day 156.
This was the penultimate night before our friends went home, so we all went to my parents for a BBQ and Baker got to have lots of fun playing with his friend Bell. When they went to get in the car to go home Baker was seeing them off from the door before running to the wall where I thought he was going to stand and watch.  But nope! For the first time ever the monkey leaped over the wall and ran straight to Bell to get into the car with her!!

May 6th. Day 157.
Oops! Never in this project have I had 2 of Baker in one week (I think) let alone consecutively - apologies.
Anyways, it seems this is the only photo I took today and it was cute. I was dismantling my studio as we were moving into our 'summer living room' and someone decided the carry case looked a comfy place to sleep!

 May 7th. Day 158.
Internet failures. Yet again. 24 hours of issues. NOT HAPPY.

May 8th. Day 159.
I thought I'd take the new camera with me on our walk to the park today to see what we could see. There wasn't much in the way of wildlife but we took some dandelion and wild flower photos for possible card ideas.

May 9th. Day 160.
I've been finally going through the plastic storage boxes of stuff to sell and getting it photographed and put up for sale. So this morning I took to my wardrobe and grabbed a couple of unworn or worn once items to get up too.
You can check out my wares here, on my Blog Sale!

May 10th. Day 161.
My Vans x Disney order arrived! :) Oh and at my dentist appointment I was told I have to have a root canal :(

Thursday, 4 June 2015

May- June 2015 // Days 148 - 154

 May 28th. Day 148.
What better way to start a photo week thank with a stunning rainbow sun shower!

 May 29th. Day 149.
Baker loves his Granny!

 May 30th. Day 150.
Our friends are here all the way from Walsall! I wish they lived closer.

May 31st. Day 151. 
Baker and I got to go in the car to visit our friends holiday cottage their staying at and play with their dog Bell. Many of you will know that after being attacked numerous times he is extremely timid yet definitive so I was worried but excited to try and get his confidence built up again. He did very well indeed.

June 1st. Day 152. 
Today was spent working with my new weekly schedule and it was brilliant! I got so much done including writing my letters to two great blog friends and popping some of my cards in there for them too.

June 2nd. Day 153. 
I accidentally found out that it was Jan's birthday on the 1st and she had kept it secret!! So I popped over to town with Jake, bought some frames and printed a couple of photos that I'd taken at the cottage the other night as a gift.

June 3rd. Day 154.
This bridge is the Union Chain Bridge. We visited it today.

''The Union Chain Bridge spans the River Tweed between Horncliffe, Northumberland, England and Fishwick, Borders, Scotland. When it opened in 1820 it was the longest wrought iron suspension bridge in the world with a span of 137 metres (449 ft), and the first vehicular bridge of its type in the United Kingdom.'' - Source