Thursday, 21 May 2015

May 2015 // Days 134 - 140

May 14th. Day 134.
We haven't had a photo of Baker recently, so here, have one of him hugging his Timon from Disneyland!

May 15th. Day 135.
We took a trip to the beach today for Baker to have a swim and there were lots of lovely Sand Martins swooping all over!

 May 16th. Day 136.
While on my walk home from work I was on intense otter watch! Systems were on high alert when I spotted something diving and playing in the water and I ran back and down to the other bridge to get a closer look. Then this little face popped up when I said hello!! Not an otter but a young seal :)

May 17th. Day 137.
Last week I showed you my new printer. Now heres a tiny peek of just some things that will be available to buy soon...

May 18th. Day 138.
Yep, you are seeing that right, it has loaded properly. For the first day in 138 days I did not take 1 photo. What with being ill and not being at home, nor having my turns out that I completely forgot and yes, I am gutted! I will not fail again!!!

May 19th. Day 139.
On day 3 of a migraine and feeling like poo, my glasses, juice and liquid paracetamol (a very last resort!) were my best friends.

May 20th. Day 140
The day I've been waiting for finally arrived. My much needed new camera and first upgrade in over 5 years is here!!!!
Most photos from now on will be taken on the camera pictured but I will let you know otherwise.


  1. I love the photo of your doggy and the seal! So cute!

  2. Woohoo, look at that camera! Bet you're so excited to get going with it, I'm glad it came on time for you. That photo of Baker is adorable! - Tasha

  3. Oh Baker, I do love you so very much! Lucky lady seeing a seal :)

    Love the new camera of course too! What printer do you have by the way? My Epson is on it's last legs and I can't keep using the work one when people ask me for photos, what would you recommend?



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