Thursday, 14 May 2015

May 2015 // Days 127 - 133

May 7th. Day 127.
I decided that while I watched Downton Abbey that I'd keep my hands busy and use some of my embroidery threads to make some friendship bracelets! I thought that I'd kill two birds with one stone and photograph the process so that I could put together a 'How To:' post on my other blog!

May 8th. Day 128. 
On our way home from a dog walk I spotted this male Blackbird collecting some breakfast, it was too cute not to include as today's photo - even if the quality isn't the best!

May 9th. Day 129.
Say hello to my little (big) friend! I have invested in a new large format HQ photo printer and have a new venture on the this space.

May 10th. Day 130.
Banana Milkshake for the win.

May 11th. Day 131.
Baker and I met Dad from work today to go up and finish of the painting, so on the way we went to play at the beach. It was deserted but with good right - the wind was so strong it created a giant sandstorm!!

May 12th. Day 132.
A day I'd planned on being lazy and resting due to my aches and pains ended up being anything but! After work I had a seat for about an hour before popping along to a lady's house to pick up these beauts for my collection!! She was just giving them away while she cleared out so I was very happy to add the 7 on the right to my collection, now totaling 27. The ones on the left are doubles of what I already have (plus the on I cropped out on the far right as I took this before I double checked my existing vhs) but I plan to sell those on ebay :) After that I didn't sit down all day apart from 20 minutes for my lunch! Productive days make me happy...but achy joints don't! :P

May 13th. Day 133.
I saw the otter again yesterday (click here for first sighting) but evidently I didn't have my camera with me on my way home from work. I was pretty gutted and so now I am taking my camera to work with me every morning in the hope I'll see him again and be able to get a better shot of him, seeing as he was a lot closer in this time. I didn't want to waste my little trip so after a little wander around the bridge where he's been seen, I had a walk along the riverside walk which is literally not even a 2 minute walk from my house. This little archway is new though, so thought that could substitute for an otter...not the most ideal haha.


  1. I love that bird with the worm. What a great shot with awesome detail!

  2. That shot of Baker is amazing, what a brilliant capture and that Blackbird shot is perfect too - you always capture them at the best moments! - Tasha

  3. Lovely photos as always. Baker for the win of course but beautiful detail on those colourful embroidery threads :) xox


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